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Time Capsule Master List

Time Capsule ContentsDaily Life of a Student: In this time capsule, the students of Angelo State University in 2008 have included a backpack full of items that best represent the daily life of a student on campus. In order to represent the student body, a competition was held wherein student groups assembled sample time capsules that held what they personally thought represented ASU. These were the four finalists, from each of which items were included in the final time capsule.

Epsilon Sigma Alpha contribution (1st place):

  • Letter to 2058 students of ASU
  • Ram Page - our weekly newspaper
  • ASU 2007-09 Undergraduate Catalog
  • UCPC poster
  • “Into the Woods” pamphlet - Spring 2008 musical production
  • Percussion Ensemble pamphlet
  • Angelo Place Apartment advertisement - new apartment complex built near campus on Knickerbocker Road that housed many students
  • 2008 roster for Epsilon Sigma Alpha
  • Picture of 1st place “Run Through Sign” - run through sign for Homecoming 2007
  • A student's reflection on Organic Chemistry - Organic Chemistry is known to be a tough class; when you take it you’re married to it.
  • Picture of Harvard House Block Party - Harvard House Apartments were used to house students off campus
  • Picture of Halloween festivities
  • Picture of “the gang” after Student Talent Show with talent show pamphlet
  • Picture of Shannon’s wedding
  • Back Stage Pass (autographed) from eighth annual Blaine’s Pub Picnic – San Angelo RiverStage
  • St. Jude’s Fun Walk/Run brochure
  • Angelo Burger card- Angelo Burger was a Vanderventer Street restaurant that was a hangout until it closed in 2007.
  • Picture of friends
  • Picture of Homecoming Parade
  • ESA International magazine
  • ESA at ASU event calendar
  • Residence Hall Options with costs
  • Apartment Options with costs
  • ASU “Roscoe Goes to the Movies” Homecoming event list
  • Estimated fees and expenses for tuition and housing
  • Room floor plans for each residence hall
  • This Week at ASU
  • ASU pamphlet
  • Pages from Style Magazine
  • Scrapbook of Centennial Progress as well as ASU landmarks and Dr. Rallo
  • ASU parking tag
  • Receipt
  • Financial Aid pamphlet
  • “Answer for Parents” pamphlet
  • West Texas Medical Associates pamphlet
  • Campus Map- campus map without new buildings that were added in 2008
  • Carr Academic Scholarship Program pamphlet
  • ESA pamphlets
  • Aerial view of ASU
  • Concho Hall demolition pictures
  • ASU Homecoming Bonfire pictures
  • ASU T-shirt

Society of Physics Students contribution (2nd place):

  • CD - “Voyager Disk” from SPS - the CD is similar 
    to the golden records on the Voyager probes launched by NASA in 1977.  Each
    probe carried identical golden records with the sounds that made up our
    culture at the time.  We thought to copy this by placing music, sound 
    and images on the CD.
  • ASU Drop Slip - had to have it signed to drop a class
  • Physics 3-D Glasses
  • Cell phone - students anywhere can’t live without it.
  • Starbucks gift card - a students source of energy for all-night study sessions.
  • Sonic Card - so that a student can by a Route 44, which is a huge slushy drink most of the students can’t do without.
  • Wal-Mart card- where a student can do some shopping.
  • Vote Seth and Steve for President and VP - our new student body president and vice president!
  • Ramdiculous Page business card - Ramdiculous Page is what keeps the students smiling
  • Alarm clock - a necessity, if one doesn’t like missing class.
  • Mechanical pencil
  • Quarter, dime, nickel, penny - money is something students don’t have an excess of!
  • ASU OneCard - A student’s saving grace, a meal ticket, ID card and debit card all in one!
  • Whataburger coupons- the only good fast food open 24 hours a day.
  • Radioactive material - it will reach its half-life in 2053, when the capsule is opened.

Student Government contribution (3rd place):

  • Sculpture of a Ram’s head
  • 2007-08 ASU Residence Hall Handbook/Planner
  • Flyer for Chingy/Baby Bash - UCPC entertainment
  • San Angelo city map and pamphlet
  • Cost of Living in 2008
  • ASU Student Government key chain
  • Free Root Beer Floats poster
  • Top TV shows of 2008
  • Picture of iPod with top songs of 2008
  • Angelo State University Disc Golf Course- the newest addition to campus fun.
  • Blue Book - when test time comes, it’s the little blue book that you write essays in!
  • “Go RAMS!,” little yellow and blue football

Pan-Hellenic Council contribution (4th place):

  • Wii Sports Instruction Manual – the fun game of 2007
  • Scantron form
  • Dissecting kit
  • An iPod Nano - students don’t go anywhere without music, which makes the iPod an indispensable piece of technology.

University contribution:

  • Hard hat - signed with everyone who worked on Centennial Village, including Dr. Rallo
  • Transition Book - book developed for when Angelo State University moved into the Texas Tech University System
  • Letters-
    • Governor Rick Perry
    • Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson
    • Senator John Cornyn
    • Representative Michael Conaway
    • State Senator Robert Duncan
    • State Representative Drew Darby
    • Texas Tech University System Chancellor Kent Hance
    • President of Angelo State Dr. Joseph Rallo
    • Provost and Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs Dr. Don Coers
    • Vice President of Finance and Administration Sharon Meyer
    • Vice President for Strategy, Planning and Policy Dr. James M. Limbaugh
    • Dean of Liberal and Fine Arts Dr. Kevin J. Lambert
    • Library Director Dr. Maurice G. Fortin
    • Athletics Director Kathleen Brasfield
    • Staff Senate President Flor Leos Madero
    • Faculty Senate President Brian J. May
    • Student Body President Seth Chomount
    • Epsilon Sigma Alpha (the winning group)
  • Rules of Contest - the contest which decided the contents of the time capsule
  • ASU Mini Book of Facts - 2007-08
  • Mayor’s coin
  • ASU megaphone - with ASU school song
  • Stuffed ram - usually sold as a fundraiser
  • Alumni coin - given at graduation