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State Agency Energy Savings Program FY2006

Resource Efficiency Plan (Facilities)

Goal I – FY 2006

  • June 2005: – Issued a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to acquire services for a performance contract. Performance Contractor will survey all mechanical energy consuming systems, evaluate their efficiency and provide the university with a prioritized list of projects to reduce energy cost. Performance contractor will also be responsible for monitoring and evaluating the energy savings associated with each project.
  • Status:–Performance Contract was issued to Tour Andover Controls (TAC) and the evaluation of all university owned mechanical systems is 75% complete as of December 1, 2005.
  • April 1, 2006: – The evaluation of the mechanical systems is complete. TAC and Energy System Associates (ESA) are now in the process of developing engineering documents and drawings for the first phases of upgrades that will reduce energy costs.
  • July 14, 2006: – TAC and ESA are still developing engineering documents and drawings. Once received the new Energy Manager we will expand upon the recommendations and present the university’s own prioritization on accomplishing the upgrades.
  • August 31, 2006: – The report and recommendations from TAC and ESA were approved by the board of regents and will start to be implemented in 2007.

Goal II – FY 2006

  • January 2006 – Hire an Energy Manager by April 1, 2006 to evaluate all utility operations on a daily basis to include electricity, gas, water and sewer. We anticipate that the savings in energy will more than justify the salary of this position. The Energy Manager will also help in evaluating our current performance contract with TAC.
  • Status – Energy Manager was hired on March 20, 2006. His initial assignment is to review the past three years of energy bills and build a data base that can be used to monitor and reduce future energy consumption.
  • July 14, 2006 – Energy Manager compiled a database to see consumption cycles. Energy Manager canceled numerous water, electric, and gas meters after realizing they were not needed. Also corrected a number of bills with incorrect charges and received back credit for provider’s mistakes in billing. Future plans are to look at the usage trends closer to see if there are any usage reductions that can be made. We plan on purchasing and integrating a utility management software system in the next fiscal year (Goal for FY 2007) to help better track usage and cost of the utilities. This new software will also allow us to monitor meters on a daily basis versus when the bills come in.
  • August 31, 2006 – Utility management Software was approved and will begin implementation in October 2006. Also, continuing to work with electric provider for credits on incorrect bills.

Fleet Fuel Management Plan

Goal I – FY2006

  • December 2005 – Evaluate the existing fleet and determine if the fleet can be reduced and replaced with electric vehicles.
  • Status – this evaluation will be complete by February 1, 2005.
  • Update April 1, 2006 – We have salvaged one gasoline maintenance vehicle and have no plans of replacing it at this time. We continue to utilize electric carts and replace gasoline powered vehicles with electric carts whenever possible. A minimal amount of gasoline vehicles will always be a necessity.
  • Updated July 14, 2006 – We are purchasing 4 new electric carts to cut down on the use of gasoline vehicles for onsite use. We are purchasing 1 new propane fueled fork lift to replace an old gasoline powered forklift. The diesel supplier that fills the onsite tank we have for vehicles has agreed to start supplying us with diesel that has 5ppm sulfur content. Until we requested it, all the area suppliers only had diesel that had 500ppm sulfur content.