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SMART Workshop: Social Networking Addiction

6:00pm, Oct. 1 - 7:00pm, Oct. 1
Academic Building 119

Can Facebook become an addiction? Many college students report spending inordinate amounts of time on Facebook and experiencing “disconnect anxiety” about logging off. Many report the amount of time spent on social networking sites adversely affects their academics.  During this workshop you will learn the signs of Facebook addiction: compulsive and obsessive site checks, the need for public validation from Facebook friends, and the need for the “high” that comes from checking the number of likes on your latest post. You will also learn the signs and symptoms of disconnect anxiety which include agitation, stress, and craving.This workshop includes a discussion about options for reducing the amount of time spent daily on Facebook and other social media sites.

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  • Social Networking Addition SMART Workshop
    Social Networking Addition SMART Workshop
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