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Guest Speaker: “Reality Check: Relativism and the Value of Human Life”

CJ Davidson Conference Center, Houston Harte University Center, 1910 Rosemont
Judy Rouse, executive director of the Midland Life Center, will speak about the value of human life and relativism. She wants students to become aware of their tremendous value and worth, and she believes the true reason behind the destruction of life lies in our inability to value ourselves and see others as valuable.

Judy Rouse became involved in the pregnancy resource movement in 1993 with a heart for teens. In 1995 she stepped into the executive leadership position for the Midland Life Center, which was collapsing. Rouse developed the prevention education programs that were introduced to West Texas districts, which saw a 44 percent decrease in pregnancies in Midland County. Rouse is married to the Board Chairman, Randy, and they have two children.

The event is sponsored by the ASU organization, Rams4Life, and is open free to the public.


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Kimberlyn Schwartz