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Homecoming: Ram Remembrance

LeGrand Alumni and Visitors Center, 1620 University Ave.
Please join us for a candlelight ceremony remembering Ram Family members - students, alumni, faculty and staff - who have passed away since Sept. 1, 2015.

This year we will read names and light candles for each of the following:



Eriq Chmielewski, Sophomore

Matthew Freeman, Junior

Adrian M. Hernandez, Senior

Kelsey Webb, Senior


Faculty or Staff

Dr. Kathryn E. Artnak, Department of Nursing

Dr. Richard J. Bain, College of Education

Dr. William F. O’Zee, College of Professional Studies, Department of Education

Richard M. Padilla, Facilities Management

M. Todd Schafer, Department of Agriculture, Class of 1989, 1992



Ron T. Adams, Class of 1995

Russell B. Adkins, Class of 1970

Rev. Romanus A. Akamike, Class of 2009

Elizabeth Bailey, Class of 1970

Gina R. Becton, Class of 1994

John M. Blair, Class of 1971

Doris H. Block, Class of 1945

Chet E. Brooks, Class of 1954

Thomas M. Brown, Class of 1971

Linda S. Burrows, Class of 1974

J’Lyn R. Chaka, Class of 1995

Janelle Clark, Class of 1971

James E. Clay, Class of 1947

Gary L. Coates, Class of 1970

John A. Coronado, Class of 1991

Frances C. Crites, Class of 1969

Berry C. Crudgington, Class of 1997

Brian G. Day, Class of 1999

Wesley P. Delz, Class of 1992

Louise A. Dermody, Class of 1998

Evelyn A. Diebitsch, Class of 1968

Jack M. Douma, Class of 1973

Sandra G. Du Puis, Class of 1987

Charles B. Edmiaston, Class of 1983

Beverly D. Ellis, Class of 1977

Robert L. Ellis, Class of 1967

Richard H. Farr, Class of 1985

Donna M. Fowler, Class of 1960

Edward B. Fry, Class of 1983

Michael D. Gassiot, Class of 1977

Dr. Cathryn J. Gonzalez, Class of 1992

George L. Gonzalez, Class of 2005

Mona L. Green, Class of 1989

Vicki A. Harris, Class of 1985

Milton J. Head, Class of 1987

Hayden R. Hinkley, Class of 1995

Eloise Hodapp, Class of 1941

Richard T. Houghton, Class of 1981

Larry W. Hudson, Class of 1968

June M. Izzard, Class of 1940

Stephen T. Jones, Class of 1979

Don B. Koonce, Class of 1957

Maj. David L. Lewis, Class of 1987

Leslie Lloyd, Class of 1995

Hector B. Lopez, Class of 1978

Ronald E. Lyda, Class of 1967

Betty J. McCarty-Roberts, Class of 1979

Verma L. McCowen, Class of 1984

James G. McDonald, Class of 1985

Zan D’Lee Merritt, Class of 2003

David B. Milburn, Class of 1970

Philip A. Neighbors, Class of 1974

LeRoy Olsak, Class of 1941

Haylee C. Owen-Martin, Class of 1996

John C. Parsons, Class of 1985

Jon D. Patterson, Class of 1967

Stephen G. Pendleton, Class of 1976

Joseph C. Rickard, Class of 1948

Cleone Sanders, Class of 1940

Dona M. Sanderson, Class of 1974

Paul B. Sherrill, Class of 1983

Ricky L. Singleton, Class of 1981

Janet M. Smith, Class of 1956

Jo A. Stout, Class of 1971

Carol A. Strother, Class of 1973

Janna K. Thompson, Class of 1990

Jeanne E. Trammell, Class of 1983

Manuel M. Valles, Class of 1989

Marilyn L. Walker, Class of 1968

Larry M. Ward, Class of 1992

James S. Wisdom, Class of 1988

Dr. David K. Wittenburg, Class of 1984

Janelle K. Yates, Class of 1983

Frank E. Young, Class of 1975

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