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Washer Tournament

Sunday, October 11, 12 p.m., ASU Pavilion

Teams of two (2) should check in with a Homecoming Committee member by 11:30a.m.  This will be a double elimination tournament.


Throwing The Washer

  • Players must make their tosses from behind a line that is one pace in front of the washer cup. A player throws both of his washers on his turn, one at a time.


  • Any washer that lands completely inside the cup scores five points for the player that threw it. If both players land a washer in the cup, the two washers cancel each other and no points are scored. If no washers land in the cup, the washer closest to the cup scores one point.


  • Play continues until a player reaches a score of 21 points. It is not necessary to score 21 points exactly in Washers. If a player exceeds 21 points, he is the winner, as only one player can score in each round.


All teams must have two players and one alternate. Please list first & last names.