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Bonfire Guidelines

Bonfire building will begin Tuesday, September 22nd.  Build times are Tuesday and Thursday from 4pm-6pm.


  1. The bonfire is a yearly homecoming event in which all students, organizations, and teams from the university can participate and are invited to build and guard.
  2. There will be a total of 20 points per week available to all organizations participating in the Spirit Stick competition.  The Spirit Stick points can be earned in two different areas.
  3. Building: All organizations are eligible to receive points in this area.  An organization will earn 1 point for every hour each person works to build the bonfire with a maximum of five (5) people per organization.
  4. Guarding: All organizations that have met the minimum requirements for building will be eligible to sign up for a guarding date.  Your organization must have worked at least 50 hours in order to guard.  Any organization that guards will receive 100 points (one time only).  Guarding will begin Saturday, October 10 or sooner depending when the Bonfire is 100% complete. There will be a mandatory meeting for all organizations that are eligible before guarding begins with Office of Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management. A one time bonus of 100 points will be giving to those who guard.
  5. Students, organizations and/or team members will be required to sign-in and out with the designated Homecoming Committee representative responsible for points. Students who do not sign-in and out will not receive points. If a student forgets to sign-in and has already worked an hour, they will not receive points for that hour.  Point accumulation begins when they sign-in.  
  6. Credit will be awarded to the nearest 15-minute increment.
  7. Students who are caught not working (i.e., sitting around, talking, etc.) or who “disappear” will be sent home and will not receive points.
  8. The CSI will provide gloves to ensure safety.  The dress code is old jeans and tennis shoes/boots.  Volunteers will be asked to leave if they are wearing sandals or shorts.  The dress code will be strictly enforced. Sunblock is recommended for everyone, especially for those sensitive to heat and sunlight.
  9. Only wood products may be used to burn (i.e., pallets or spools).  No petroleum products, tar from roofing supplies, plastics, or fiberglass will be permitted.
  10. Construction will take place beginning Tuesday, September 22nd.  DO NOT attempt to work on the bonfire in any way without a cadet or Homecoming staff present.  If you are unsure if we will be working on a particular day, contact the cadet in charge or the CSI. Times and days are subject to change.
  11. The top four organizations with the most hours worked will be allowed to carry one of the torches after the pep rally.  Those organizations will be announced at the pep rally.
  12. When guarding begins, each team will be responsible for the bonfire site.  No alcoholic beverages are allowed Students, organizations, and/or teams caught with alcoholic beverages will be asked to leave by the University Police and will lose points for guarding.  Food and non-alcoholic beverages are permitted at the site. 
  13. Each organization/team will be responsible for cleaning the site at the end of their guarding time.  If the site is not properly cleaned, the hours and points that have been awarded for guarding will not count.
  14. FIRES ARE NOT ALLOWED. If there is evidence of a fire, your organizations points will be taken away.  
  15. Periodic safety checks will be held throughout the building of the bonfire by the city fire marshal. 
  16. Safety is paramount and no horseplay will be tolerated.  In the event that an injury occurs, an individual will either be taken to the University Clinic or sent to the local emergency room.
  17. On the day of the bonfire, the individuals carrying the torches must wear clothes that are made of 100% cotton.  The only fuel used to ignite the fire will be diesel.  No gasoline will be used.  ROTC will direct the dousing of the bonfire.  No synthetic fabrics will be allowed next to the fire.  Individuals are not to park or stand close to the bonfire once it begins to burn, boundaries will be set, and cadets will be monitoring the area.
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