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Step Contest

Tuesday, October 13, 12-5pm, Step Show Rehearsal
(A Homecoming team member will contact you upon registration to schedule a 30 minute rehearsal time.)

Wednesday, October 14, 6p.m., C.J. Davidson Conference Center
Friday, October 16, 8p.m., Junell Center (Contest will be held during the Pep Rally)

All team members must be currently full-time Angelo State University students. The Center for Student Involvement will verify enrollment.

  1. Each organization will be allowed a maximum of five (5) minutes for their performance, which will include the introduction and exit.  Three (3) points will be deducted for each minute the organization exceeds the time limit.

  2. Stage dimensions 28ft deep by 16ft wide and sits 16in off the ground (stepping out of boundary during performance will result in a point deduction (1pt per person).  This does not include entrance and exit.

  3. Number of step team members must have a minimum of three (3) members and a maximum of ten (10) members.  Teams consisting of ten (10) members may list one (1) alternate and teams with fewer than ten (10) members may fill additional spaces with alternates.

  4. Team members will not be allowed to use profanity, obscene gestures or demeaning lyrics during their performance. Any team that violates this rule will automatically be disqualified.

  5. Teams will not be allowed to use props such as powder, glitter or any sort of material that could make the stage slick to others.

  6. If your team is using music, one CD with music must be given to Homecoming Staff in the Center for Student Involvement by October 1st at the close of business hours. Please inform the Homecoming Staff if music is NOT being used. E-mails of YouTube videos or music links are unacceptable.

  7. Each team must have all music cued on one CD.  A team representative must be assigned to instruct the sound person during the performance.

  8. Each judge will use the categories shown below to judge team performance.  Judging will be on a ten (10) point scale with ten (10) being the highest and one (1) the lowest in the specified areas:

  • Crowd enthusiasm - crowd reaction to the performance 

  • Incorporation of Homecoming theme- the incorporation of this year’s Homecoming theme, “Roscoe goes on a Magical Adventure” into performance

  • Appearance- General appearance of team (dress, uniformity, etc.) and creativity of costumes

  • Creativity- Performing new and innovative steps and utilizing a creative introduction and exit

  • Clarity- Words, sayings, and chants are clear and easily understood

  • Execution- Carries out precise synchronization of steps and choreography

  • Showmanship- Overall manner of presenting routine to the audience 

Teams must report at 5:15p.m. for preliminary round and 7:15p.m. for final round.  Teams that are not present at check-in time will be disqualified and will forfeit all points for the step contest. 

Maximum of 10 with 3 alternates. Please list name followed by the CID.