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Center for Student Involvement
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Think Fast Game Show

Thursday, October 9th

7:00p.m. in the UC C.J. Davidson Conference Center

Think Fast has fun trivia, mainstream music and music videos, a gregarious host to interact with your audience, and a winner-take-all prize!  Think Fast is a trivia-based game show that utilizes a wireless key pad.  It has MTV-style staging, professional sound, and intelligent lighting.  Think Fast is the solution for large events because it is the only interactive event that engages and entertains the entire audience from start to finish.  Bringing smiles to everyone in the audience, Think Fast is a production in every sense of the word.  The top team will receive a cash prize!  

Teams are limited to 10 members (maximum) and 2 members (minimum).  Registered teams will receive first priority; however, the general student audience may participate while wireless key pads last. Both registered teams and the general student audience will be eligible for the $200 cash prize.

Teams must check in at the entrance of the C. J. Davidson Conference Center at 6:15 p.m.