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Summer offers chances for business

May 28, 2012

The weather is hot and your business can be, too. There are many opportunities to boost your business during these hot summer months.

SAN ANGELO, Texas — As the summer approaches, now is the time to be thinking about how to attract customers on vacation and looking for things to do with their families.

In our seminars, we explain how most businesses have a seasonality component. During the summer months, many businesses can be creative with advertising and catering to customers to maintain your business.

Sponsorship can be a valuable, targeted way to advertise your business. For example, during spring and summer, there are more charity walks, runs and bike rides. As a business, you can sponsor an event and get your name in the advertising material.

Another idea is to donate either product or your time at an event. Volunteering your time can be the most affordable advertising for a new business. When cash is limited in a small business, time can be a better way to get your name out in the community.

Another opportunity when you volunteer is that you get a chance to meet face to face with potential customers. That is more valuable than any advertisement.

Customer shopping habits may change during the summer. With the longer days and hotter temperatures, customers may be looking for cool respite. Be sure as a business owner that your business is properly cooled.

Another thing to consider is drive up or quick take out services. Also consider having cold beverages for your customers.

If you have a retail shop, offer your patrons a cool drink such as a small bottle of water. The more comfortable you make your customers, the more inclined they will be to spend time in your business.

Summer can be a wonderful time for a small business. If you are in the


hospitality business, more people may go out for dinner or drinks to stay cool. In your restaurant or bar, be sure to offer a glass of water to your patrons.

The trend is to not provide water to customers. In hot weather, consider reincorporating this service to your customers. Because everyone has to stay hydrated when it is warm outside, it is important to offer a cool beverage as soon as your customers are seated. It’s a nice treat to those of us who have to ask every time for a glass of water.

You as a business owner may decide summer is the right time for your vacation. If you are in business, you know vacations are difficult to schedule for a small-business owner.

If you decide to be away from your business, be sure to have a plan to save or make up the lost revenue while you are away. Also, notify your customers when you will be away and plan to either have someone fill in for you while you are away, or how you can finish projects before you leave or soon after you return. If you are the only one in your business and unavailable to your customers, they may find someone else available for their needs.

Summer is a fun season and we all want to enjoy our time. As business owners there are very simple things you can incorporate into your services to make your customers’ summer even more enjoyable.

Making little efforts to fulfill customers’ needs during the warm summer days can have a lasting effect on your business.

“Business Tips” was written by Cindy Hartin, CEBS Fellow, Assistant Director and Certified Business Adviser III, of Angelo State University’s Small Business Development Center. Contact her at or (325) 942-2098.

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