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Garrison in The Plugged-In Professor

September 05, 2013



Dr. Kevin Garrison, assistant professor of English, has written a book chapter “Web Conferencing and Peer Feedback” in The Plugged-In Professor: Tips and techniques for teaching with social media, edited by Sharmila Ferris and Hilary Wilder, William Paterson University of New Jersey, and published by Woodhead.

According to Dr. Garrison in this chapter, “Using web conferencing as a way to encourage peer feedback also serves numerous other practical functions, such as 1) providing opportunities for students to participate in non-traditional ways, 2) allowing students who are more “shy” an opportunity to share their ideas, 3) learning digital literacy skills, such as chat room netiquette and chat room interfaces, 4) preparing students for the potential of taking online training sessions and synchronous online courses, 5) allowing students to be more marketable and more familiar with a contemporary way of collectively sharing ideas, and 6) encouraging group discussion.”

More on this book here.

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