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Growing Stitch by Stitch

January 01, 2015

Stacey Fisher, a lifelong Sonora resident, decided to convert one of her passions into a business, Sew Addicted LLC. The name itself says it all; she is addicted to sewing and embroidering anything and everything possible. She has been passionate for crafting since she was a little girl.

The business started with simple services like doing alterations and making deco mesh wreaths. In April 2014, after a few months of doing smaller projects, Stacey decided to order some fabrics. Since Sonora lacked an embroidery business, she decided to purchase her first embroidery machine. The business continued to grow and Stacey decided to apply to Sonora Economic Development Corporation (EDC) funds to purchase a second embroidery machine that will be capable to produce bigger projects. The EDC gave Stacey the contact information for the SBDC adviser that traveled to Sonora to work with clients in the developing of a business plan required to apply for the funds. After meetings with adviser Havins and with the guidance provided, Stacey submitted her business plan package to the EDC. After a meeting with the EDC committee, Stacey was able to obtain the funds requested to cover the cost of the new machine, a SWF 4 head dual function embroidery machine.

Stacy described the services provided by adviser Havins as, “Adriana was very helpful in the process of getting this grant. I was so lost when we started and she helped guide me.”

Sew Addicted continues to grow adding new products to the store, making it an asset for Sonora’s economy. Stacy’s hard work will continue to fructify and Sew Addicted motto will transcend “If it doesn’t move then let’s stitch it!”

Advisor Havins continues assisting client in any area needed.

  • Sew Addicted, LLC
    Sew Addicted, LLC

“Adriana was very helpful in the process of getting this grant. I was so lost when we started and she helped guide me.”


Impact on the Community:


Business Expansion

Four Jobs Retained

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Sew Addicted, LLC
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