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Finland, Scotland, Ireland, and England

The 2017 International Studies Program to Finland, Scotland, Ireland, and England, going to Helsinki (Finland), Edinburgh and Glasgow (Scotland), Belfast and Dublin (Ireland), and London and Oxford (England), to be conducted May 27 – June 23, 2017 will provide undergraduate candidates a unique opportunity to study the education system in Finland, Scotland, Ireland, and England. The educational purposes of this program are:  a) to provide a unique opportunity for candidates to develop a basic understanding of teaching and learning in diverse countries and b) to observe how diverse student needs are met in foreign classrooms.  To do this, candidates will:

  • Visit four countries, one of which has outstanding international recognition for education;
  • Study the teaching strategies used by teachers to help students learn in Finland Scotland, Ireland, and England and compare these with teaching strategies recommended in the United States; and
  • Study the teaching practices, student services, and curriculum aspects provided in schools of the four countries in teaching a diverse student population and   compare these with the teaching practices and student services provided for   diverse students in the schools in the United States.

In fulfilling the objectives of the program, candidates will travel throughout Finland, Scotland, Ireland, and England to visit schools and hold discussions with educators in these countries as well as be exposed to some of their most important cultural resources and cultural centers.

Finland is a world leader in developing effective instruction for primary and secondary students, resulting in high test scores on internationally recognized measurements in reading, math, and science.  Schools in Finland use the interests and choices of children to plan and select the curriculum, content, textbooks, learning strategies, and methods of assessment.  Teaching to a diverse student body, Finnish schools closely integrate special education into normal teaching, which results in a high rate of inclusion. The neighboring countries of Scotland, Ireland, and England will provide an interesting and informative contrast of teaching and learning.  As such, the educational systems in Finland, Scotland, Ireland, and England provide an ideal model for study abroad.

Program Summary

Focus: Education

Term: Summer Session I

Travel Dates: May 27-June 23, 2017

Credit: 6 hours of undergraduate or graduate credit

Application Deadline: Nov. 21, 2016, unless otherwise dictated by the Center for International Studies