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Stephen Gonzales

Mosquitofish (Gambusia affinis) are a common freshwater fish that can be found throughout the world. They are typically very small fish that exhibit sexual dimorphism, with females averaging about 7cm in length and males about 4cm in length, both measured from the caudal end to cephalic ends. Though originally native to North America, mosquitofish have been introduced throughout the world as a defense against high mosquito populations, mostly because of their diets consisting of mosquito larva and their ability to survive in less hospitable habitats. The research I am performing involves finding and identifying the internal parasites of Mosquitofish from different locations across Texas. This research focuses only on the female mosquitofish from each location, and is conducted by necropsying and combing through the body cavities, organs, intestines, and eyes of each fish for any parasites. The parasites of the external regions and the gills are also observed, though only the presence of parasites in these areas is only noted and no identification is being performed for these. Once the identification is complete for each parasite I will then compare the parasite species found within one location with the parasites found in the Mosquitofish examined in the other locations, as well as with those found within the same locations of each other.

Project Title

The Analysis of Internal Parasites in Mosquitofish Throughout Texas

Faculty Mentor Name

Dr. Negovetich