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Makenzie Ocker

Context-dependent memory refers to improved recall of specific episodes or information when the context present at encoding and retrieval are the same. The effects that chewing gum has on memory during the encoding phase have been studied many times with contrasting results. Some studies show evidence that chewing gum while encoding and during recall may improve performance. Other studies show that chewing gum during encoding and subsequent retrieval has no impact on memory. The current study sought to replicate and extend the former finding in a learning environment and was unable to support past findings. Results showed that participants who chewed gum while watching the video and during the quiz did not perform better on the retention quiz (gum-gum) than did the participants who chewed gum during the video but did not chew gum during the quiz (gum-no gum).

Project Title

Context-Dependent Memory and Chewing Gum

Faculty Mentor Name

Dr. Crystal Kreitler