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James Kiser

In this project I assume the Tractarian position that God, the will, and the metaphysical self are three concepts (of many) on which we must remain “silent”. It is my intention to investigate these “silent” aspects in a manner which treads carefully, considering the nature of what can and cannot be spoken, according to Wittgenstein. I utilize James R. Atkinson’s interpretation of the mystical, as a whole, drawing from his at length exegesis of the topic. My goal is to show the Tractarian position regarding the self, the will, and God; and introduce my own view of how the will might operate between the self and religious belief, in light of the question of value. My position will argue how the mystical is a very loose concept that is molded by the individual, which ultimately bears on the way in which we structure “the limits of [our] world”, and thus influences our interpretation of “the facts”.

Project Title

Investigating Tractarian Mysticism

Faculty Mentor Name

Susana Badiola


Undergraduate Research Scholarship