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  • Mike & Shari Malcomb
    November 13

    “Adriana has been God send to me & our business. No matter what questions or concern I have she either has an answer or knows where to find it. Adriana & the SBDC have been a well spring of help and information.”  

  • Ezequiel Tapia 
    November 10

    “Adriana helped by guiding us through all the processes, giving us the tools and knowledge we needed to start our business”

  • SBDC Fox Mac Tule princess 9Jul15 Photographer Danny Meyer
    March 6

    “I am always able to call upon my mentor at the SBA Development Center to assist in keeping my business on track.”

  • Wicked
    February 6

    “Adriana was amazing! She helped us through the whole process of starting our business licenses, permits, etc. I mean everything! Also, she worked with us multiple times to understand Quickbooks.”

  • Texas Lonestar Collision employees
    January 31

    “The SBDC has been a tremendous help with the expansion of our newly constructed building that will serve as our new paint area. This will help with adding jobs & increase revenues.”

  • November 30

    “Adriana was incredibly helpful, resourceful, and sincerely cared about my business. She helped me improve my business plan, set up an LLC, and determine startup costs for our relocation.”

  • October 7

    “Adriana helped us guiding us though an extended process of filing the right paperwork with government agencies.”

  • June 3

    “Adriana helped me with the business plan and all questions I had!”

  • March 18

    “Adriana has helped us filling out paperwork necessary for the business and to understand the administration side of the business.
    Thank you!”

  • Excellent Foods
    February 9

    “Adriana has helped us understand the business plan process and better understand the many questions regarding banking terminology in reference to financing…Thank you!”

  • February 8

    “Adriana has helped us by pointing us in the right direction to success. She has been by our side since day one and has given us advice every step of the way.

  • Elaine Brown - An expert in Live Entertainment
    February 4

    “Adriana helped me with paperwork. She has great customer service and provided me with awesome business knowledge.”

  • September 14

    This past week I had the opportunity to spend some time defining what “leadership” meant to me and how it is important in the work environment. Leadership is a term we use very often, but many times we miss perspective of its real meaning.  As business owners, we encourage our staff to be leaders,to set an example. But, it is also common to see some businesses missing that key component, leadership, to be successful. If you are in business or planning to be in business, you might find yourself looking for leadership, either in staff, mentors or even within yourself. The idea of leadership can be overwhelming for many. Therefore, after reading different articles, I found the following important things to remember when talking about leadership.

    When attempting to define leaders it can get confusing because they fluctuate from position to position, from range to range; they fluctuate according to the goal you want to meet. Leadership has nothing to do with seniority or one’s position in the hierarchy of a company. Leadership doesn’t automatically happen when you reach a certain pay grade. Hopefully, you find it there, but there are no guarantees.

  • July 20

    You want to open a business. You know almost exactly how much it will cost to start; supplies, furniture, rent, utilities, etc. But, what about sales tax? As a new business owner this will be one of the first taxes you will pay once you start selling your product or service.  After setting up your company either as a sole proprietor, partnership, LLC, etc., you will need to visit the State Comptroller’s Office to find out about your sales tax responsibility.

    Unfortunately, collecting, calculating, reporting and paying sales tax can be confusing, overwhelming, and sometimes complicated for first time business owners. To help you understand sales tax, I would like to share some general information I discuss with my clients during their visit for an advising session. 

  • July 14
    Carlos De La Rosa III, former baseball player, started coaching young baseball players interested in developing their skills. His passion turned into an opportunity to establish his business and take the young players into competition. With this business idea Carlos visited with adviser Havins to obtain the necessary guidance to start his business, Southwest Select Show Baseball, LLC. Carlos explained the assistance given, “Adriana helped me start my LLC, and with all the questions along the way. She has been extremely helpful.”
  • Mendez Café
    July 14
    Mendez Café started from Tomas Mendez’s dream to open his own restaurant. As mentioned,Tomas Mendez was the head cook for a lot of local popular restaurants in San Angelo. Tomas Mendez decided to take a risk and open his current business in 2011.
  • HOPEgrocerybags,
    July 14
    HOPE grocery bags, LLC started after former teacher Hope Garza decided to make her hobby of sewing into a business by creating fashionable and reusable grocery bags with the goal of Helping Our Planet Earth (HOPE). Mrs. Hope Garza contacted adviser Havins looking for guidance to start her own business. After visiting with the adviser, she decided to enroll into the Small Business Management Certificate Program offered by the SBDC to acquire the basic skills of starting and owning a business.
  • Sew Addicted, LLC
    January 1
    Stacey Fisher, a lifelong Sonora resident, decided to convert one of her passions into a business, Sew Addicted LLC. The name itself says it all; she is addicted to sewing and embroidering anything and everything possible. She has been passionate for crafting since she was a little girl.
  • P&L Repair Service & Trucking, LLC
    January 1
    Mr. Ramirez has years of experience driving 18 wheelers in agriculture, but he is now wanting to expand his business to contract for oil companies requiring his services to transport dirt and caliche.
  • Concho Natives
    January 1

    Kay Thompson owner of Concho Natives established her business in 2010 as a secondary income and home based business prior to retirement. A passion turned into a business that provides quality native and adaptable plants to the Concho Valley area residences, with experienced advice and guidance in landscaping for the “Do It Yourself” gardener. In addition Concho Natives offers contract growing, research space and wholesale services for contractors and other retail nurseries.

  • January 1
    Leisa and Brandon Clayton are the owners of Blue Collar Health. Leisa visit with adviser Havins right before she graduated from her Master Degree program at Texas Tech University. Leisa had the idea of establishing a business where she could use her license as a Registered Nurse and other degrees in her area (RN, BSN, MSN, FNP-BC) to provide healthcare services to businesses and their employees on location.
  • Angelo Radiator Service, LLC
    January 1
    Jose Guerrero’s passion since youth has been cars. He learned at a young age how to repair cars and later in life he specialized in radiators. With more than 20 years of experience Jose decided to take the next step and start his own business. Starting a new business was not something unfamiliar for Jose and his wife Claudia. They owned a tortilleria years back obtaining some of the knowledge and responsibilities of being self-employed.
  • Rosita's Kitchen
    January 1

    Rosa Camarillo, originally from El Salvador, has worked in the food industry for more than ten years. Since she started her first job she always dreamed on having her own restaurant that will cater to those that love Latin American food. One day, Rosita had the opportunity to make her dream come true when she finally had the resources to start building in Grape Creek (the town where she lives) her first restaurant, Rosita’s Kitchen.

  • Lala's Fashion
    January 1
    Lala’s Fashion owned by Jerri Fierro offers formal wear, specifically for women. The formal wear includes dresses for quinceañeras, prom, special occasions, bridal and more. Lala’s Fashion offers formal wear to the local community and surrounding rural areas. Ms. Jerri Fierro has managed Kerrie’s Creations in Ozona, TX for two and half years when she had the opportunity to run independently and establish her own company offering only formal wear under Lala’s Fashion.
  • Adriana Balcorta-Havins
    April 28

    We often find ourselves looking for feedback, such as reviews on places or things of interest to make sure we are making the right decision or that we will make our time and money worth the while.

    Therefore, as business owners you are aware of the importance of customer reviews on your websites, social media and even word-of-mouth comments.

    Sometimes being able to handle all the feedback you received from clients can be challenging, but I guarantee it will be worth your time.

  • November 12

    Before I started working at the Small Business Development Center, I had the same concept as many of you might have about SBDCs. The services offered by these centers are only for startups or “small” businesses. But, have you ever wondered what encompasses the term small business?

  • Adriana Balcorta-Havins
    August 27

    With the oil boom taking place around San Angelo, more people are deciding to start businesses. Over the past few months I have had the opportunity to help various clients start trucking businesses, mobile kitchens, contracting companies and other companies offering services to the oil field. We have faced challenges in the process, but in the end most clients have obtained what they sought — to be self-employed.

  • Adriana Balcorta-Havins
    July 15

    Last month the Small Business Development Center had the opportunity to offer an employee handbook seminar as part of its seminar series. The seminar was divided into two parts, and both were extremely informative. Therefore, I would like to share some of the information: 

    Many times small businesses don’t consider having an employee handbook because of the small number of staff they have, but it is important to be aware of the significance of written policies…

  • Adriana Balcorta-Havins
    June 3

    You want to open a business. You know almost exactly how much it will cost to start: supplies, furniture, rent, utilities, etc. But what about sales tax? As a new business owner this will be one of the first taxes you will pay once you start selling your product or service. After setting up your company either as a sole proprietor, partnership, LLC, etc., you will need to visit the State Comptroller’s Office to find out about your sales tax responsibility…

  • Adriana Balcorta-Havins
    April 22
    Taxes are over… but does that mean you get to relax? Finances and cash flow are the lifeline of every business, are you watching yours closely enough?