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  • October 20

    A critical element to any successful small business is developing a marketing plan.  Large businesses have the ability to invest massive amounts of resources into their marketing efforts while most small businesses do not have that luxury.  The key for smaller businesses is to figure out how to get the best bang for their marketing buck.

    Linda and Mike Boyd own a small business in Colorado.  They say the key in coming up with a good strategy is not be intimidated by the marketing process.  Mike says, “For many years we let what we didn’t know about that discipline stop us from doing anything.  Once we stopped trying to figure out marketing and instead did things that would make us more visible to the people who wanted to be our customers, stuff started to happen.”

  • July 14
    Jessica had always wanted to start her own business. After trying a couple of times with other ideas, she and her father decided to try importing products to the U. S. and wholesaling and retailing them.
  • July 13
    Steven obtained an engineering degree from Texas Tech University. He worked in the industry for a few years, but it was not what he thought it would be. Steven picked up a camera when he was young and he was hooked.
  • July 13
    Medical Arts Pharmacy has been a mainstay in the community of San Angelo for over 50 years. Bryan was an employee of the company and he was approached by the owner about purchasing the business.
  • July 9
    Lexie had been employed by a commercial cleaning business for a few years. She decided it was time to go out on her own.
  • July 9
    Larry has worked in many industries during his life. Some of those include managing a bar, boxing, and as a restaurant server. However, his passion is painting. With his busy schedule, he doesn’t get to paint much but does as much as he can.
  • January 1
    Allison had been working for friends and family over the last couple of years providing invitations for weddings, birthdays and special events.  She works full time but really enjoys doing this in her spare time.
  • January 1
    Julie has worked with animals for over 15 years in a local veterinary clinic.  She owns horses on land she has next to her home.  Over the years she noticed a need for a pet crematorium.  She decided she would use the land to operate a business that will provide this service in a loving and caring way.
  • January 1
    Samantha had always been interested in being an entrepreneur.  She was working for a small business owner who sold t-shirts to individuals and sports teams.  The owner was getting close to retirement and asked Samantha if she would be interested in purchasing the business.
  • January 1
    Morgan is a full time student, works for a ranch and owns and operates her own online ladies’ jewelry/apparel store.  The business was going well, but she wanted to take it to another level.
  • May 25

    In a recent blog post, I came across some startling statistics: 40 percent of U. S. workers are planning to look for a new job in the next six months, and 69 percent say they are already passively looking.

    To a small business employer, those figures are staggering. We are careful to hire only the best employees, and once we have them, we want to keep them. There are huge benefits for employees to stay with the same company for 10 years. Employers need to know what steps to take to make workers want to stick around for years.

    Proactive efforts by employers to establish a culture that builds strong relationships with their employees — the kind that leads to a lengthy commitment, and perhaps even a commitment for life — are what we are seeking.

  • April 25

     Is training important for small businesses? The answer is a resounding yes.

    Everything is important to small businesses. Any organization, small or large, can’t afford to stress one or two areas and let another slide. Training is important. It teaches new techniques and reinforces old ones. Every member of your team needs both those kinds of support. Sales training enhances the one area where small businesses have an advantage — the person-to-person connection. Give your sales staff the tools and training to be available to customers at any time.

  • February 3

    Brandon has been working as a journeyman electrician for years. He had always wanted to be a business owner so he thought it was time to go out on his own. He met with Adviser Paul Howard of the Angelo State University • Small Business Development Center to learn more about starting a small business.

  • February 3

    Edee recently moved to the San Angelo area after leaving West Virginia. She settled in Christoval to be closer to her family. Edee baked cakes out of her home to make extra money while in West Virginia.

  • January 29

    Kendra and her brother Tyler are avid collectors of anything vintage. They started their collecting as children and want to share what they have with others. Together they wanted to start a business that provides space to those who want to sell vintage goods. Kendra and Tyler also will sell their vintage collection.

  • January 28

    Nicole has owned and operated a salon in Sterling City for several years. When she first met with Adviser Paul Howard of the Angelo State University • Small Business Development Center her dream was to own multiple salons in the area. As luck would have it, a salon in San Angelo was up for sale.

  • January 28

    Jessica and Betsy moved to West Texas after being born and raised in a land far removed from these wide open spaces, New York. They came here to start a new life. Jessica is a trained chef and Betsy has worked in the restaurant business. An opportunity became available. A restaurant that is an icon in Robert Lee, Texas, Twisters was for sale. This was a dream come true for them. They met with Adviser Paul Howard of the Angelo State University • Small Business Development Center to discuss the purchase of this business. Paul suggested they get to work on a business plan and showed them how to do it. Jessica and Betsy met with almost every bank in San Angelo and none were willing to help them. They met with the bank in Robert Lee and they were granted a loan to purchase the business. Jessica says, “Paul helped with business plan and got us on the right track. He has kept in touch with us to make sure we were still OK in the whole process of the building, maintaining on our plan for our business.”

  • January 28

    Alvaro has owned and operated his upholstery shop for years. He was ready to do something different. He and his wife owned a building close to where they live and have the upholstery shop. Their plan was to open a burrito stand in the building. Alvaro learned that it wasn’t going to be as easy as he had hoped due to rules, regulations and permits required. He met with Adviser Paul Howard of the Angelo State University • Small Business Development Center to discuss these issues. After many months of working on the building and getting it up to code the burrito stand is now open for business. Alvaro says, “The SBDC kept in touch on our progress and was available if we needed help.”

  • September 23

     As a former small business owner, I know how hard it is to operate a successful business.

    It is no easy task to juggle all that needs to be done on any given day. The one thing that needs to be taken care of consistently is good record keeping. It is a necessary evil for most small business owners.

    So many things hang on a small business owner’s ability to keep good, up-to-date financial records; such as tax reporting, budget forecasting and the ability to obtain capital. It just makes good sense to stay on top of this important task.

  • August 12

    Before you jump into a new business or expand your current business there are many analysis you can do to test the feasibility of your idea. This information can empower you to make the best decision for you and to be fully aware of your competition and what you must do to compete and succeed.

  • July 4

    Many entrepreneurs and potential small business owners mistakenly believe a business plan will generate financing to start their business. There are many types of options that require a business plan, but nobody invests in a business plan. Lenders or investors need a plan that communicates ideas and information, but they invest in a company, a product and in people.


  • June 27

    Stephen started Team Spirit after selling a successful business about two years ago. The business provides t-shirts, uniforms and jerseys to many of the young sports teams in San Angelo and the surrounding area. The business has grown over these two years to the extent that Stephen was having trouble keeping up with all of his orders.

  • June 27

    After working with Paul Howard, a Small Business Development Center Advisor, Orlando was able to hit the ground running in his adventure to start his own health and fitness store… 

  • June 27

    Mandy found her niche while working for someone else. She really enjoyed booking travel plans for the executives where she was employed. So much so that she started her own agency. Mandy was very happy with the success of her business but knew she had to start a marketing campaign.

  • June 27

    Mary has been teaching Zumba classes at Goodfellow Air Force Base for about four years. She wanted to be a small business owner so she contacted the Angelo State University • Small Business Development Center and met with Advisor Paul Howard. 

  • June 3

    Keith and Scott grew up on a farm and it is in their blood. They worked the family farm until they grew up but they determined that it was not as profitable as they thought it should be. So, they diversified and not only farmed but started installing irrigation systems to improve the farmland…

  • June 3

    Christi and her husband currently own and operate a successful business, but she wanted to branch out on her own. Christi began purchasing costumes over the years to use for parties and special events. She thought this could lead to a business opportunity…

  • May 31

    Will and his brother Phillip were raised by their grandmother. Over many years they enjoyed her cooking immensely. Will attended Angelo State University and acquired a teaching degree. He taught for a couple of years and really enjoyed it. However, he and his brother talked about opening a restaurant that featured their grandmother’s recipes…

  • May 20
    Don’t wait until its too late to write a business plan. When you’re busy, you probably need a business plan even more. Paul Howard addresses some of the most common mistakes people make when writing a business plan, including not writing one at all…
  • April 8
    Since I have been an adviser at the Angelo State University Small Business Development Center, it never ceases to amaze me how many people are interested in starting their own small business. Even though the economy may be struggling or the odds are against them, entrepreneurs just find a way to make it happen. Their spirit and drive are insatiable…