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SMART Workshops

  • ASU 101

    There are many new terms for freshman including syllabus, prerequisites, SI, and SAP. What do they all mean?  Join us for a short presentation to learn about college campus jargon and so much more.

  • Seven Study Strategies

    College requires many different study skills.  This workshop examines your study habits and gives you feedback for improvement.  You’ll take an online questionnaire to assess your study skills and receive immediate results in areas such as:  

    • Note-taking
    • Test-taking strategies
    • Reading strategies
    • Motivation


  • Overcoming Public Speaking Anxiety

    Public Speaking doesn’t stop with COMM 2301.  Learn how to be more professional and stress-free when speaking in front of any audience.

  • Math & English: No Fear

    Do you procrastinate when it comes to writing assignments for class?  Does math homework look like Greek to you?  This workshop will give you an overview of the Writing Center and Math Lab tutoring services, where qualified peers are available for help. Meet some of the tutors and watch a demonstration of a typical tutoring session.  According to recent student surveys, 97% said that their grades were improved because of the tutoring they received in the math lab.

  • Mastering Time Management

    Being successful in college requires a great deal of your time and energy, but being successful also means having a life and being well rounded. How then can you evaluate your schedule to ensure you stay on track, while managing your time and priorities?  In this workshop we will share tools to help you improve your time management skills.

  • How to Pick a Career You Really Like

    Knowing your interests and things you like to do can help guide you in finding work environments and careers that are a good match.  In this session you will play an interactive game called the Holland Party Game.  After playing the game, you will review occupations that fall in your three highest interest categories.  This can help you make more informed decisions about the kind of work that you will find fulfilling.

About SMART Workshops

  • Designed for freshmen and sophomores, but ALL students are welcome
  • Duration: 50 minutes
  • What you’ll learn: Tips and references in a variety of academic areas
  • Free!
  • Prizes!

We welcome requests from campus clubs and organizations for workshop presentations!