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Topic Descriptions for Workshop Series

Jumpstart Your Semester:

Starting off the semester in the right direction is half the battle for success in college. This workshop will explore etiquette and best practices when contacting your professors, tips on time management, various resources on campus and handouts you can start using right away for organizing assignments. In addition, you will discover helpful programs and tutoring that are available for free!

Time Management:

Evaluating your schedule and managing your time can save you from drastic mistakes. Understanding how to incorporate study time into your schedule can give you the opportunity to assess where your time is spent and how to make wise choices during your free time. You will learn ways to use your time more effectively and efficiently. Handouts will be helpful in planning your semester to get the most out of it.

Note-taking and Listening Strategies:

To master good note taking skills, you must understand how to organize and multitask the many subjects you are taking. This workshop will highlight a couple of documented strategies, as well as tips for finding the main idea of a lecture and making note cards and test questions from your notes. Understanding how to convert notes into useful tools for reviewing and preparing for quizzes and exams is essential.

Test Taking Strategies:

Knowing what to study and how to study can help reduce stress before a test. This workshop will give you hands-on practice with different types of tests, i.e. essay, multiple choice, short answer and true/false. Great tips will be offered on what to expect, how to review and prep for each type of test, as well as useful handouts for organizing your time to allow for better test preparation.

Learning Styles:

Study smarter not harder! Understanding your learning style can help save time and reduce frustration when studying. In this workshop students will take a learning style assessment and interpret the results. During this time you will discover how to use your learning style strengths, explore many helpful strategies that best suit your style of learning, and apply it to any subject.

Memorization and Concentration:

The abilities to concentrate and memorize are tasks that have to be practiced, along with structuring your study environment and being organized. This workshop gives great tips on ways to reduce distractions, increase concentration levels, as well as use memorization tools you can apply to most subjects.

Salvaging Your Semester:

This workshop will detail some tips on how to turn your semester around and end on a positive note. For most students, dropping a class is not an option due to financial aid, scholarships, the new drop policy, etc. Handouts on academic assistance and tips on figuring GPA will be distributed.

What is the Color of Your Career :

Understanding how your unique strengths fit with specific career choices will help you pursue a career. By utilizing colors to differentiate four basic personality types, you will discover a greater appreciation of the uniqueness of self and others. In this hands-on, interactive workshop you will learn practical concepts that can be applied on a daily basis to both your professional and personal lives.