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Master of Professional Accountancy (M.P.Ac.)

As an accounting professional, the bottom line among prospective employers and clients is your proven proficiency - in technical knowledge, critical thinking ability and communication skills. The Master of Professional Accountancy is a specialized degree focusing on accounting and finance. The degree satisfies CPA licensing requirements.

Angelo State University provides two avenues for earning an M.P.Ac. Students who have already received a bachelor’s degree enroll in the regular graduate programs, while outstanding undergraduate students may enroll in the B.B.A./M.P.Ac. program.

Degree Requirement / Prerequisites

  • ACC 2301 or 5192 Principles of Accounting I or Independent Study in Financial Accounting
  • ACC 2302 or 5191 Principles of Accounting II or Independent Study in Managerial Accounting
  • ACC 3303 Intermediate Accounting I
  • ACC 3304 Intermediate Accounting II
  • ACC 3305 Accounting Information Systems
  • ACC 3331 Cost Accounting
  • ACC 3361 Income Tax Accounting
  • ACC 4303 Auditing
  • ACC 4312 Advanced Accounting II
  • MSC 2331 or 5191 Statistical Analysis for Business and Economics or Independent Study in Statistics
  • BUSI 3345 Business Law
  • ECO 2302 or 5191 Principles of Microeconomics or Independent Study in Economics
  • FIN 3361 or 5191 Financial Management or Independent Study in Finance
  • Mathematics 3 hours
  • Student must have a 2.50 GPA in Intermediate Accounting I and II with no grade lower than “C.”

Applicants are required to take the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), which is a computer-adaptive test administered at centers throughout the country and the world. You may take the standardized test as often as once per calendar month. GMAT scores must be reported to ASU (code 6644) directly from the testing agency and are valid for five years. To make arrangements for taking the test, go to the GMAT website:

Admission is ordinarily granted to students who meet the College of Graduate Studies admission requirements and meet the formula (200 x undergraduateGPA + GMAT >= 1050), with a GMAT >= 430

Students may take the above courses as leveling courses simultaneously with graduate courses for which they have the appropriate prerequisites. Accounting 6303, 6317, 6361, and 6362 cannot be taken until both intermediate accounting courses have been satisfactorily completed.

M.P.Ac. and Integrated B.B.A./M.P.Ac. Graduate Courses:

    • ACC 6303 Applied Auditing - Spring
    • ACC 6313 Accounting Information Systems - Summer
    • ACC 6317 Advanced Accounting Problems - Fall
    • ACC 6325 Financial Statement Analysis - Fall
    • ACC 6361 Advanced Tax Accounting - Fall
    • ACC 6362 Tax Research Methodology - Spring
    • MGT 6312 Operations Management - Spring
    • MGT 6313 Corporate Strategies and Policies* - Fall & Spring
    • MSC 6301 Decision Analysis (statistics) - Fall

    Three electives from:

    • ECO 6311 Managerial Economics - Spring
    • FIN 6301 Financial Management - Spring
    • FIN 6347 Estate Planning - Fall
    • ISTD 6381 Special Topics** - Summer
    • MGT 6311 Organizational Behavior - Summer
    • MKT 6301 Marketing Management - Fall

    * The IVY MBA test must be taken in conjunction with this course as a graduation requirement.
    ** Business course taught by business graduate faculty in the study abroad program.

    Up to nine semester credit hours of graduate credit completed prior to the date of first admission to the M.P.Ac. degree program at Angelo State University may be transferred into the program. After the date of first admission to the M.P.Ac. program, six semester hours may be transferred into the program only to fulfill elective requirements. The maximum total transfer credit is nine semester credit hours. The rest of the transfer policies of the College of Graduate Studies also apply.

    All M.P.Ac. students are required to take the IVY MBA Test on the ASU campus as a graduation requirement. The IVY MBA Test will normally be taken as part of the course requirements in Management 6313 Corporate Strategies and Policies.

Marketing Requirement

Students in the Master of Professional Accountancy program who have not taken a marketing course must take either an undergraduate marketing course as leveling work or elect a marketing course at the graduate level.


Texas students in the integrated program with 120 hours or more are also eligible for Fifth Year Accounting Scholarships funded by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. The application deadline for Fifth Year Accounting Scholarships is June 30.