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Agriculture (AG) and Agricultural Economics (AGEC) Course Descriptions

  • Agriculture (AG) Courses

    1191 Agriculture Research. (Independent) Individual research problems. Students interested in research at an introductory level. Prerequisites: Student must be in the freshman research program and have permission of the department.

    1391 Agriculture Research. (Independent) Individual research problems. Students interested in research at an introductory level.
    Prerequisites: Agriculture 1191. Student must be in the freshman re­search program and have permission of the department.

    4091 Internship Credit: 1 to 9. A supervised course providing practical on-the-job experience in the student’s minor. Grading will be either pass or fail.
    Prerequisites: Senior standing and approval of department chair; 2.50 or better GPA in major and overall.

    Agricultural Economics (AGEC) Courses

    1331 Introductory Agricultural Economics and Business (3-0). Orienta­tion to Agricultural supply businesses, farm and ranch management, food markets, capital markets, etc. Course will provide an overview of the role of agriculture in the U.S. and world economies.

    3330 Agricultural Marketing (3-0). Fundamentals of agricultural market­ing management and planning (input and output). Study the institutional dif­ferences between agricultural and non-agricultural marketing environments. Outline essential marketing functions of buying, selling, transportation, stor­age, financing, standardization, pricing and risk bearing.

    3331 Agribusiness Management (3-0). Non-farm, agriculture related business. Includes: tools and management decision making, legal forms of business organization, managerial accounting and key financial manage­ment techniques, personnel management and leadership skills.

    4331 Farm and Ranch Management (3-0). Principles of farm and ranch organization and management. Development of a business plan to include executive summary of business, resource inventory, SWOT analysis, legal and liability assessment, goals, production plans, financial analysis and marketing plans.

    4332 Financial Management of an Agribusiness (3-0). Study of major decisions made by agricultural firms. Analysis of investment in inventory, cash flows, receivables and repayment capacity. Review of capital markets. Prerequisite: Accounting 2301

    4342 Agribusiness Statistics (2-2). Statistical methods with applications in agribusiness and resource management.

    4351 Land and Natural Resource Economics (3-0). Economic analysis of resource issues, policies and management. Issues could include: land fragmentation, mineral extraction issues, conservation easement and de­velopment rights, urbanization, renewable resources, carbon sequestration, property rights and water rights.

    4381 Special Topics (3-0). A course dealing with selected topics in ag­ricultural economics. (May be repeated once for credit when topic varies.)

    4391 Agricultural Economics Research. Individual research problems. May be repeated to a total of six semester hours credit. Prerequisite: Junior standing.