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Department of Agriculture
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Meat and Food Science Class

Meat and Food Science

The Meat and Food Science program is a division of the ASU Agriculture Department. The program is based in the Food Safety and Product Development Laboratory, which is located off campus and adjacent to the department’s Management, Instruction and Research Center.

Meat and Food Science offers several research and data collection services, such as shear force analysis, microbial analyses and specialized processing, among others. The lab is also fully equipped with harvesting, processing, cooking/smoking and packaging capabilities. Meat that is processed in the lab is sold weekly in the Agriculture Department’s Meat Market.

Student assistants work and learn at the Food Safety and Product Development Laboratory. The Meat and Food Science program supports and enhances university teaching, research and extension activities.

Prospective Students

ASU’s Agriculture Department offers a Bachelor of Science degree in animal science with a minor in meat and food science. Diverse courses help students pursue specialized interests and career goals. The program offers several extracurricular judging, research and outreach activities.

The Food Safety and Product Development (FSPD) Laboratory gives students the opportunity to harvest, process and develop case-ready products for the public, as well as assist with laboratory testing for microbial pathogens in harvested livestock.

The laboratory facility allows students to learn from experiences that are unattainable in a classroom setting. Undergraduate and graduate students work with professors to learn techniques that are vital to their future careers.

For more information about the Agriculture Department, visit the Prospective Students page.

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The Meat and Food Science program at Angelo State University is committed to providing quality education, research and public outreach based on knowledge and skills essential to animal, meat and food sciences.

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The Agriculture Department’s Meat Market sells products to the public every week while classes are in session.