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Department of Visual and Performing Arts
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Bachelor of Music

(Music major with all-level teacher certification*
125 semester hours)

This program is designed to provide the student with certification to teach music at all public school grade levels. The student will choose either a choral or instrumental emphasis. Student must have been admitted into the Educator Preparation Program and must be currently satisfying admission standards before being allowed to enroll in Education 4315.

Required in Academic Major
Courses Hours

Music 1151, 1152 (Aural Skills I and II)
Music 1351, 1352 (Music Theory I and II)
Music 2151, 2152 (Aural Skills III and IV)
Music 2351, 2352 (Music Theory III and IV) 
Music 2243, 2244 (Music History I and II) 
Music 2271 (Introduction to Music Instruction)

Music 3143 (World Music)
Music 3153 (Improvisation)
Music 3163, 3164 (Choral/Instrumental Seminar I and II)
Music 3251 (Analytical Techniques)
Music 3263, 3264 (Survey of Choral and Instrumental Literature I and II)
Music 3341, 3342 (Music History III and IV)
Music 4281, 4282 (Conducting I and II) 
Music 4253 (Orchestration)
Music 2141, 2142 (diction -2)
Music 2131, 2132, 2133, 2134 (class instruments -4)
Music 12xx, 22xx, (major instrument) 6-8
Music 113x (piano class or minor instrument) 3
Music 32xx (major instrument advanced) 2
Music 11xx (ensemble) 1
Other Requirements
Courses Hours
Communication 2301 3
Computational and Applied Math 2305, Mathematics
1302, 1303, 1311, 1312, 1332, 1561, 2305, or 2513
Computer Literacy: Agricultural Economics 1351, Animal Science
1351, Business Computer Information Systems 1305,
Communication 2345, Computational and Applied Mathematics
1351, Computer Science 1301, 1341, 1351, 1361, 1371,
Education 2323, Mass Media 2345, Mathematics 1351, Music 2353, Nursing 2338, Theatre 2345, or University Studies 2323
English 1301, 1302 or Honors 1302, and one sophomore literature 9
History 1301 and 1302 6
Natural Science (two lab sciences): biology, chemistry, geology,
physical science, physics
Political Science 2301 and 2302 6
Social Science: Agricultural Economics 1331, Economics, 2300,
2301, 2302, Geography 2301, Psychology 1303, 2301, Sociology
1303, 2301, 2307
Professional Education
Courses Hours
Education 4315, 4321, 4322, and 4974 18
Educational Psychology 3303 3
Reading 4320 3

The above professional plan meets all core curriculum and Bachelor of Music degree requirements. The B.M. degree with a major in Music requires a minimum of 125 semester credit hours, a minimum of 42 advanced (junior and senior level) semester credit hours, and a minimum of 30 semester credit hours in residence (24 of which must be at the advanced level). 24 of the last 30 hours required to complete this degree must be taken in residence.

Departmental Requirements

Piano proficiency certification, successful completion of sophomore upper-level exam and senior-level recital in the major instrument, concert/recital attendance, participation in a large ensemble during all semesters enrolled except student teaching, and participation in a small ensemble for two semesters, are required by the Department of Art and Music.

The student must pass a piano proficiency examination prior to admittance to the Teacher Education Program and perform a senior-level recital in the major instrument prior to student teaching. In addition, the student must meet the department concert/recital attendance requirement (see music student handbook) in order to graduate with a music degree.

 * Students must be admitted in the Educator Preparation Program (EPP) to enroll in any senior-level Education course or Reading 4320. For more information, see page 305 of the Undergraduate Catalog or visit the College of Education website.