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ASU Summer Music Camps

The Department of Visual & Performing Arts is excited to continue the ASU Summer Music Camps! Students attending any portion of the camps must have been in a structured music program for at least one year and have not yet started college. Cost includes a camp t-shirt, optional room and board, and of course…the best instruction, anywhere! 

2016 Summer Music Camps:

Color Guard, Drumline, and Drum Majors Camp
Wed, June 1 thru Sat, June 4

Band and Orchestra Camp                            
Sun, June 5 thru Fri, June 10

At this time, activities for directors who attend camp with their students include fellowship, and possibly a golf tournament and barbecue. Though seminars with CPE credit have been available in the past, we will not be equipped to offer those this summer. 

General Information

The Color Guard, Drumline, and Drum Majors Camp will consist of intense instruction in these specialty areas and culminate in a final publicShowcase Performance held in the LeGrand Stadium at 1st Community Credit Union Field (audience encouraged and welcome!). Instruction for this camp will be both indoors and outdoors, so plan accordingly (hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, loose clothing, lace-up tennis shoes, water bottles, etc.)

  • Color Guard members need to bring a practice flag and pole, and dance shoes if you have them. Instruction will include fundamental flag techniques, dance and movement, choreography, and team building experiences.
  • Drumline members need to bring their own drum, harness, sticks/mallets, and drum stand. Students will learn about drumline fundamentals, specialized instrument technique, and playing with an ensemble through exercises, cadences, and stand grooves. Staff will include specialists on each instrument and they will also present sessions about different aspects of playing, tuning, and maintaining instruments so that you can sound your best!
  • Drum Majors will receive instruction in conducting, score reading, leadership, salutes, basic marching technique, and vocal commands.

The Band and Orchestra Camp will involve focused instruction in ensemble performance, individual musicianship, a final public performance (audience encouraged and welcome!), AND a marching component for wind players and percussionists. Students attending camp need to bring their own instrument in good working order, reeds/cork grease/valve oil/rosin, sticks and mallets (percussion), a pencil, and appropriate items for outdoor marching rehearsals (hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, loose clothing, lace-up tennis shoes, water bottles, etc.). Students will choose a combination of electives that suit their needs and interests. Please use the descriptions below to assist you in deciding which electives are the best fit. Adjustments to your choice of electives may be made through the end of registration on Sunday, June 5th.

During camp registration, students will perform a short audition piece to determine placement among the large ensembles. The Audition Music may be found at the top of this page.


Students will choose two from the following:

Rhythm Breakdown
Skill Level: Beginner to Moderate

Rhythm Breakdown is intended to focus on rhythmic elements. Students will solidify their understanding of rhythm, meter, and counting. May include exercises on and off the instruments.

Music Theory
Skill-Level: Moderate

Music Theory is the basis for how music is assembled. This course is designed to reinforce and develop the student’s basic understanding of music through topics such as key signatures, intervals, scales, and fundamental aural skills.

Chamber Ensembles
Skill Level: Any

This elective introduces students to small instrumental ensembles. The students will be assigned to common quartets, quintets, or chamber ensembles and will be coached by camp staff.           

Leadership Seminar
Skill Level: Any

The focus of the Leadership Seminar is to build skills in leadership. Additional topics may include defining the role of the active participant, discussing peer to peer interaction, and defining the role of the student leader. Group activities involved.


Skill Level:  Any

This elective will introduce the student to fundamentals of conducting any ensemble, score reading and preparation, and provide participants an opportunity to practice their new skill.

Special Topics

Skill Level:  Any

Topics selected for this elective may include:  how to practice; how to audition; so you want to go to college…now what?; so you want a career in music?; or others.

Optional Elective

Private Lessons 
Skill Level: Any

Private Lessons is an optional expense ($60) that affords the student the opportunity to work one-on-one with an expert on their instrument each day of camp. Lessons times will be assigned during the block of instruction for Electives – students who take private lessons will attend only half of one of their Elective courses (they will attend all of their second elective choice).


Morning Electives

Rhythm Breakdown

Music Theory

 Special Topics

Afternoon Elective

Chamber Ensembles







Color Guard, Drumline, Drum Major Camp (residential)


Color Guard, Drumline, Drum Major Camp (commuter)


CDD Camp - Non-Instructional Director Stay (3 nights/4 days, Wed-Sat, all meals, camp t-shirt)


CDD Camp - Non-Instructional Director Stay, with 10 or more students enrolled (3 nights/4 days, Wed-Sat, all meals, camp t-shirt)


Band & Orchestra Camp (residential)   


Band & Orchestra Camp (commuter, lunch & dinner)    


Private Lessons, Optional (4 lessons/30 minutes each day)


B & O Camp - Non-Instructional Director Stay (5 nights/4 days, Sun-Fri, all meals, t-shirt)


B & O Camp - Non-Instructional Director Stay, with 10 or more students enrolled (5 nights/4 days, Sun-Fri, all meals, t-shirt)  $200


Early Bird Discount – All registrations completed on or before May 5, 2016 will receive 10% off the cost of registration.

Honor Discount - All-State Band or Orchestra Qualifiers will receive an additional 5% off the cost of registration with a letter from their Head Director certifying this achievement. Directors:  please fax/email certification of your student’s All-State status to the ASU Summer Music Camps Director, Constance L. Kelley.

Using the link below, Directors and parents are able to pay fees via electronic check (school check acceptable) or credit card, even when registering multiple students.

Cancellations and Refunds

If there is a need to cancel your registration, please contact the Camp Director. Full refunds (up to the $50 non-refundable registration fee) are available for cancellations made through May 25, 2016. NO REFUNDS can be made after June 1st. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How ‘good’ do I have to be to attend camp?
A: Assuming that you have at least one year of structured instruction on your instrument and a desire to learn, we have a skilled camp staff that is anxious to teach you. Don’t focus on how good you may be today, but instead work towards getting better.

Q: Do I need to bring my own instrument?
A: Yes, you need to bring an instrument. If you do not own an instrument, ask your director about borrowing one from your school before coming to camp.

Q: Where do I check in?
A: Check in will take place in the lobby of Centennial Residential Hall, where the students will be staying during the camp.

Q: What is the earliest/latest I can check in/out?
A: We understand there are circumstances that may require an early check-in or late check-out. In these situations please contact the Camp Director to make arrangements. Otherwise, it is preferred that you stay within the specified window on the schedule.

Q: What happens if I lose my room key?
A: The keys that are issued allow the camper access a) to the building in which they are staying, b) access into the suite of rooms in which they are staying, and c) access to their personal bedroom. The camper/parent/guardian will be responsible for replacement costs of a lost key. Please note, this cost is very high because of the extent of lock changes that will follow. We will provide a lanyard to help keep track of the keys.

Q: As a residential camper with a car, will I be allowed to leave campus?
A: No. An expectation is that once students are turned over to us, that we will provide a safe and controlled atmosphere. Besides, you’re at camp! Take this opportunity to get to know other campers and enjoy the facilities while improving your performance skills.

Q: Are snacks and games allowed?
A: While we do place limitations on what we ask you to bring, games and snacks are not collectively prohibited. We discourage you from bringing games specifically because a) we would hate for your game console to get damaged or worse while at camp, b) there are activities planned every evening of camp that you will be required to attend, and c) we encourage human interaction while at the camp. This experience is designed to be a fun and engaging learning opportunity.