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Drumline Auditions

Due to limitations on equipment, all students intending to participate in the ASU Ram Band Drumline will have placement auditions on the first day of the Early Week Band Camp, immediately following registration. Please print the audition music (see audition excerpts in the right column of this page). Although it is the policy of the Ram Band to accept all interested students, placement in the Drumline will be based on ability and preparedness.

ASU’s Drumline is an official Educational Endorser Ensemble for Promark® and will exclusively use these sticks and mallets:

  • TXDC1W (snare sticks)
  • ABR-AB4 (bass drum mallets)
  • ATA1 (tenor mallets)

Any students planning to participate in the Drumline must bring their own snare sticks and tenor mallets to their auditions and are strongly encouraged to procure the aforementioned products (we will provide bass drum mallets).

Once the line has been set, ASU will provide sticks, mallets and tape for the season. Currently, there is no keyboard percussion in the Ram Band.

With the exception of the bass drum audition, we ask that you memorize the audition material before the first day of camp. If you plan on auditioning for bass drum, please note that you will be moving around the drums during the audition, so it is our recommendation that you be familiar with all aspects of the bass drum material. We also highly recommend that everyone, including veterans, audition on more than one instrument. When you arrive at camp, please have the audition material in a binder with protective sheets, and a few pencils. No pens, please.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What instruments are available to play in the percussion section?
A: Our drumline only consists of a battery made up of snares (traditional grip), quints, bass drums and cymbals.

Q: Can I try out on more than one percussion instrument?
A: Absolutely! We will afford you the opportunity to be heard on as many different instruments as you care to. However, once the line is set, the results are final.

Q: Do I need to arrange an audition before the Early Week Band Camp in August?
A: We will hear all placement auditions on the first day of Early Week.

Q: Are there extra rehearsals for the drumline?
A: Yes. All members of the drumline must sign up for MUS 1139, Section 01. You will receive an additional credit hour for participating in the drumline.

Q: Does it matter what kind of sticks and mallets I use?
A: The Angelo State University Drumline is an official endorser ensemble for Promark®. We encourage everyone to use their products.