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ASU Music Theory Resource Page

This page is a resource for ASU students enrolled in music theory courses (specifically MUS 1350 and 1351), incoming ASU music students and music teachers or students who visit this site from beyond the ASU community. These documents are free of copyright and can be downloaded, printed and copied.

Please check back, because new documents will be added periodically. For more information about music theory at ASU, e-mail Dr. Stephen Emmons.

Theory Diagnostic Exam

Students seeking to major in music are required to take the Theory Diagnostic Exam, either at the time of audition or during the first week of classes during the Fall semester. Please contact Dr. Emmons if you desire more information about this exam.

MUS 1350 Introduction to Theory Class Materials

General Information about Music Theory at ASU

Recommended Website for Music Theory Fundamentals

Information on Upper-Level Exams

All music majors must apply for upper-level approval for both their academic and applied studies. No student may graduate with a degree in Music, nor be admitted to Student Teaching without being admitted to upper-level status and completing all requirements in both areas.

Upper-Level Academic Approval for All Majors

Music majors will apply for upper-level academic approval during the semester in which they are enrolled in MUS 2352 (Theory of Music IV) and 2152 (Aural Skills IV). Each student will take a comprehensive exam in each of these areas:

  • Dictation (includes harmonic dictation, melodic dictation, interval recognition, chord type recognition, and scale recognition)
  • Sight-Singing
  • Theory (includes harmonic analysis, part writing and a variety of other areas)

Students must pass the theory exam (No. 3 above) prior to admission to MUS 3251 (Analytic Techniques). All music majors (BA and BM) will also be evaluated in Formal Analysis and Music Terminology during the semester in which they are enrolled in MUS 3251.

Upper-Level Academic Approval for Transfer Students

All transfer students must successfully complete the upper-level academic approval process before being approved to graduate or to register for Student Teaching. Having sufficient transferable credit hours to replace the four-semester Music Theory and Aural Skills sequence does not constitute sufficient proof of achievement to be exempt from this requirement.

Remediation for Upper-Level Academic Evaluation

Any student failing to pass one or more sections of the initial exam as described above will be required to enroll in individual instruction in the area(s) of weakness. Students will be allowed to take a test in any given area a maximum of three (3) times. Passing grades are 70% or above for each exam.

Further information regarding the evaluation process in the academic areas may be obtained from Dr. Stephen Emmons. Test dates occur during the final exam period (Fall for Analytic Techniques; Spring for Music Theory IV and Aural Skills IV) or by special appointment.