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Why do I need an academic advisor?

Your advisor helps you plan your semester so that the courses you select fit your degree plan and meet your academic goals. Your advisor must release an advising hold before you can register. Academic advisors also help you identify and integrate many university resources that can contribute to your success. Advisors are just that: advisors. Ultimately, you are responsible for your educational choices.

When should I see my advisor?

Students with less than 46 earned credit hours are required to meet with their advisor at least once each fall and spring semester. Students are also encouraged to meet with their advisor if some circumstances directly affect their academic performance and educational goals.

   Registration and Adding/Dropping Courses

When can I register for classes?

ASU has two registration periods per year, which begin about the 10th to 12th week of each long semester and continue until one week before classes begin the next semester. Once the registration period opens, students are eligible to register according to their classification. You should register as soon as your date opens to ensure the best selection of courses.

Where do I register?

Register online in RamPort. 

How do I add a class?

Students can add classes using RamPort before the beginning of the semester and during the first four days of a fall or spring semester, or the first two days of a summer session. To learn more about registration deadlines, view the Registrar’s Important Dates Calendar.

How do I drop a class?

You can drop classes using RamPort before the beginning of a semester and during the first 12 days of a fall or spring semester, or the first four days of a summer session. However, you cannot drop classes the week immediately before the first day of class (fall, spring and summer I), or the day before the beginning of summer II. Courses dropped during the registration period will not appear on your permanent record and will not receive a grade.

Developmental courses cannot be dropped online. Contact the Registrar’s Office to drop developmental courses.

During the withdrawal, or “W,” period, you must submit a drop slip signed by your instructor to the Registrar’s Office. Students dropping a course after the registration period but before the “W” period deadline will receive a “W” or “QW” grade in the course. These grades will not affect your grade point average. Missing class does not mean you have dropped the course, and failing to officially drop a course will result in an “F.” To learn more about drop deadlines, visit the Registrar’s Important Dates Calendar.

Where can I learn more about how an instructor will teach a class?

Visit the Courses and Faculty page to view course syllabi from previous semesters. 

   Majors and Minors

How do I declare my major?

You declare a major and minor, if applicable, with your major department. Request the Application for Degree Plan from the office coordinator. 

How do I change my major?

Contact the department of your new major for instructions on how to apply to its degree program. 

How should I select my minor?

A minor can complement your major or be something that furthers your personal interests. Careful selection of a minor can also enhance your career opportunities. Some students elect to pursue several minors.

What minors are available at ASU?

To learn more about the minors we offer at ASU, visit the University Catalog website.

How do I change my minor?

Contact your major department to amend your official degree plan.

What can I do with my major?

Career Development has several resources available to help you learn about career opportunities for your major

   Transfer Credits

How will my coursework from other institutions transfer to ASU?

To learn more about transfer credit, visit ASU’s Transfer Equivalency website and enter the name of your former college or university.

   Degree Plans and Transcripts

What is an official degree plan? When and where should I submit one?

An official degree plan is a course of study in your selected major leading to a degree. Request the Application for Degree Plan from the office coordinator in your major department when you have earned 30 semester credit hours. When your plan is approved, you will be able to view and monitor your degree progress on RamPort.

Why do I select a particular catalog for my degree?

Requirements change, and the catalog year under which you file your official degree plan affects those requirements. Generally, students file using the catalog from the year when they first registered at ASU. However, you may wish to discuss other options with your academic advisor. Catalogs expire after six years. You must complete degree requirements before your chosen catalog expires.

What is a degree evaluation and how can it help me?

A degree evaluation helps you monitor your academic progress. It outlines degree requirements you have met as well as your remaining requirements for graduation. You can view your degree evaluation on RamPort.