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College of Arts and Sciences Advising
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Freshman Advising

CASA … Home to Your Academic Success

Your first year at ASU is exciting and challenging. CASA staff members are here to guide you! You are required to meet with your advisor at least once each semester. Check out the information below to see what you can expect from us.


  • Spring

    First Meeting: How Are You Going to Get There?


    • Weeks 3-8 of the spring semester
    • Call 325-486-6823 to make an appointment with your advisor.
    • Prepare by viewing your degree evaluation or performing a what-if analysis in RamPort. Consider your upcoming summer plans.


    We will:

    • Discuss how you can graduate in four years.
    • Examine your degree plan.
    • Start your graduation plan using a GPS (Graduation Planning Sheet).


    Follow-up Meeting: You’re On Your Way!


    • Weeks 9-12 of the spring semester
    • Call 325-486-6823 to make an appointment with your advisor.
    • Prepare by finishing your GPS, looking up course offerings and making a list of courses for summer and/or fall pre-registration.


    YOU DID IT!  You’re almost 25 percent finished!
    We will discuss:

    • Things that went well this year
    • Things that will be different next year
    • Following an official degree plan and determining your minor
    • Exploring study abroad, internship, departmental research and service learning opportunities

    We will also help you make the transition to your academic department for future advising.

  • Fall

    First Meeting: Howdy!


    • Second or third week of the fall semester
    • Check your ASU e-mail for your appointment. 


    We will:

    • Answer these questions:
      • How can you make the transition to college successful?
      • Why is advising important?
      • What do you have questions or concerns about?
    • Discuss important academic issues and policies, and introduce you to campus academic services and resources.


    Follow-Up Meeting: Where Do You Want to Go?


    • Weeks 9-12 of the fall semester


    We will:

    • Help you answer some of these questions:
      • Is your major the right fit for you? 
      • Have you identified a minor?
      • Are you on target with your semester grades?
      • What needs to happen now?
    • Demonstrate how to access Student Services in RamPort, view your degree evaluation and perform a what-if analysis.
    • Help you make course selections for the upcoming spring semester and prepare to pre-register.
College of Arts and Sciences Advising

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Phone: 325-486-6823


Location: Carr EFA Building, Room 203 

Office Hours:
8 a.m.— 5 p.m. Monday - Friday

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