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Get Back on Track: Academic Status

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Grade Point Average Requirements
Total Semester Hours Earned in College-Level Work Academic Probation* Academic Suspension
  Cumulative GPA is less than: Cumulative GPA is less than:
0-29 2.00  1.35
30-59 2.00  1.60
60-89 2.00  1.80
90 or more 2.00  1.90

*To graduate, a student MUST have a 2.00 or greater cumulative grade point average.

Academic Probation

An undergraduate student is placed on academic probation at the end of either semester of the aca­demic year or at the end of the summer session when the student’s cumulative grade point average falls within the range defined in the Academic Probation column above. Academic probation will continue as long as the student’s grade point average stays within the probation­ary range. However, when classified as a junior or higher (60 or more semester hours earned), a student is permitted only two consecutive registrations on probation and will be suspended if probationary status is not removed prior to a student’s third registration. Registration for one or both terms of the summer session is regarded as a single registration.

Academic Suspension

A student whose cumulative GPA falls below the standard defined in the Academic Suspension column above will be suspended at the end of a fall or spring semester unless grade replacements for courses completed at that time raise the institutional GPA above 2.00. Any courses that are completed after probation or suspension status has been determined for a particular semester will not alter that probation or suspension. A suspended student who attains a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or higher after official grades have been submitted and academic status has been determined may be allowed to attend Angelo State upon appeal to the appropriate college dean.

A student who has been readmitted to the university and who is classified as a junior or higher (60 or more semester hours earned) must remove probationary status prior to a second registration or be suspended.