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 Angelo State University NCATE Exhibits

Exhibits by Standard can be accessed at:

Alphabetical Listing of Exhibits

Academic Advising

Academic Deans Council

Adjunct Faculty Qualifications

Advanced/Other School Personnel

Advisory Committees

Angelo State University (ASU) “Mini Fact Book”: Campus Demographics Profiles

ASU Operating Policy 06.23 Tenure and Promotion

ASU Planning Calendar

Assessment Comparisons: TEA - NCATE - CREATE

Assessment of Content Knowledge – Programs Not Nationally Reviewed

Assessment of Effects on Student Learning

Assessment of Pedagogical Content Knowledge – Programs Not Nationally Reviewed

Assessment of Professional and Pedagogical Knowledge and Skills

Assessment of Dispositions

Assessment of Elementary Candidates: Dispositions and Teaching During Reading and Language Arts Practicum

Assessment of Student Teaching

Assessment Points and Types of Assessments

ASU NCATE Data Dissemination Page

ASU Strategic Planning Online (SPOL) - Department of Teacher Education Example


Candidate Access to Student Services

Candidate Complaints and Resolution

Candidate Diversity Proficiencies

Candidates - Current Numbers for Fall 2009 - Spring 2010

Clinical Faculty (University Supervisors of Student Teachers) Qualifications

College of Education

College of Education Curriculum Committee

College of Education Department Heads Meeting

College of Education Technology Committee Recommendations

Completion Rates for Clinical Practice

Comprehensive Program Review Guidelines

Conceptual Framework

Content Specific Internship Evaluation: Communications, Drama, and Journalism

Cooperating Teacher (School-based Faculty) Application

Cooperating Teacher Demographics for San Angelo Independent School District

Counseling Practicum Application

Curriculum Change Policies

Curriculum Components that Address Diversity

Dispositions Committee Report

Early Childhood through grade 6 (EC-6) Pedagogy Professional Responsibilities Matrix

Educator Preparation Information Center

Educator Preparation Program Candidate’s Statement of Commitment Regarding Dispositions

Educator Preparation Program Database Field Placement Record Example

Employers’ Feedback – New Additional Survey

End of Student Teaching Survey

Examples of ASU Operating Policies

Faculty Encouragement of Reflection, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Professional Dispositions

Faculty Engagement in Self-Assessment in Their Teaching

Faculty Evaluation

Faculty Evaluation Use to Improve Teaching, Scholarship, and Service

Faculty Incorporation of Technology into Instruction

Faculty Modeling of Instructional Strategies and Assessments

Faculty Participation in Professional Development Activities

Faculty Performance on Unit’s Evaluations

Student Ratings of Instruction – Individual Development and Educational Assessment, Inc. (IDEA) Evaluations

Faculty Scholarship Activities

Faculty Service Activities

Faculty Workload Policies

Financial Support for Faculty Professional Development

First Generation College Students at ASU

Grant Activities

Internship Syllabus ED 6319

Library Resources (Porter Henderson Library)

Minimum Program Hours Required by TEA


Part-time Faculty Contributions

Pedagogy Professional Responsibilities (PPR) Test Results

Practicum Application ED 6319/ED 6388


Professional Development Opportunities for Faculty

Program Assessments Chart - Initial and Advanced

Programs Not Nationally Reviewed

Programs of Study: Undergraduate: Department of Teacher Education

Programs of Study: Undergraduate: Department of Curriculum & Instruction

Progress in Diversity of Faculty

Resources to Support Teaching and Learning

ScOPE Performance Analysis

Secondary Educator Preparation Program Presentation

Secondary Lesson and Mini Teach Data

Special Education Response to Conditions

  • Assessment 1- Content Knowledge: TExES Examinations - Data from licensure tests or professional examinations of content knowledge.
  • Assessment 2 - Content Knowledge: Assessment of content knowledge in special education. - Reflective Student Profile.
  • Assessment 3 - Assessment that demonstrates candidates can effectively plan classroom-based instruction (e.g., unit plan) or activities for other roles as special educators. Lesson Plans for a Class that Includes Students with Learning Difficulties.
  • Assessment 4 - Evaluation of Student Teaching.
  • Assessment 5 - Assessment that demonstrates candidate effects on student learning.
  • Assessment 6 – CEC IGC and IIC Standards 8 (Assessment), Standards 6 (Language), and 2 (Development and Characteristics) Behavior Management Plan.
  • Assessment 7 - Addresses CEC standards 8 (Assessment) and 7 (Instructional Planning). Assessment Case Study Project.
  • Assessment 8 – An additional assessment addresses CEC standards 10 (Collaboration) and 9 (Professional and Ethical Practice) - Student collaborative & co-teaching Paper.

Specialized Professional Association (SPA) Reports

Statewide Employer’s Feedback Survey

Student Teaching

Student Teaching Assessments

Student Teaching Overall Performance Summary

Student Teaching Portfolio Assessments

Syllabi for Professional Education Courses



Teacher Self-Report Form and Summative Annual Appraisal Form: Texas

Technology Applications Standards for all Texas Beginning Teachers

Texas Beginning Educator Support System (TxBESS)

Texas Education Agency (TEA)

TEA Academic Excellence Indicator System (AEIS)

TEA Application for New Certification Field - Agriculture Science and Technology

TEA NCATE Presentation

TEA Site Visit Report 2009

TEA Principal’s Survey of First Year Teachers Results

TEA Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR) Course Correlation

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

Texas Examination of Educator Standards (TExES) Certification Pass Rates

TExES Generalist EC-6 and Generalist 4-8 Science Content Analysis Communications

TExES Test Frameworks

Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB)

Texas State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) Standards

Title II State Report

Unit Accountability Diagram

Unit Assessment Committee

Unit Governance Chart

Unit and School Partners

University Curriculum Committee

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