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A. Institution

B. The Unit

C. Conceptual Framework

 A. Institution



A.1. What is the institution’s historical context?
A.2. What is the institution’s mission?
A.3. What are the institution’s characteristics [e.g., control (e.g., public or private) and type of institution such as private, land grant, or HBI; location (e.g., urban, rural, or suburban area)]?
 B. The Unit B.1. What is the professional education unit at your institution and what is its relationship to other units at the institution that are involved in the preparation of professional educators?
B.2. How many professional education faculty members support the professional education unit?
B.3. What programs are offered at your institution to prepare candidates for their first license to teach?
B.4. What programs are offered at your institution to prepare advanced teacher candidates and other school professionals?
B.5. Which of the above initial teacher preparation and advanced preparation programs are offered off-campus or via distance learning technologies? What alternate route programs are offered?
 C. Conceptual Framework C.1. How does the unit’s conceptual framework address the following structural elements? See Electronic Institutional Report.
C.2. (Continuing Visits Only) What changes have been made to the conceptual framework since the last visit? Not applicable.
C.3. (First Visits Only) How was the conceptual framework developed and who was involved in its development?
C.4. (Optional Upload for Online IR) Tables, figures, and a list of links to key exhibits related to the conceptual framework may be attached here. [Because BOE members should be able to access many exhibits electronically, a limited number of attachments (0-3) should be uploaded.]

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