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  Standard 2: Assessment System and Unit Evaluation

2a. Assessment System

2b. Data Collection, Analysis, and Evaluation

2c. Use of Data for Program Improvement

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 The Candidate product electronic data management system is TaskStream.
A demonstration of candidate work samples is available.
  2a. Assessment System

2a.1. How does the unit ensure that the assessment system collects information on candidate proficiencies outlined in the unit’s conceptual framework, state standards, and professional standards?

2a.2. What are the key assessments used by the unit and its programs to monitor and make decisions about candidate performance at transition points such as those listed in Table 6?

2a.3. How is the unit assessment system evaluated? Who is involved and how?
2a.4. How does the unit ensure that its assessment procedures are fair, accurate, consistent, and free of bias?

2a.5. What assessments and evaluation measures are used to manage and improve the operations and programs of the unit?

  2b. Data Collection, Analysis, and Evaluation 2b.1. What are the processes and timelines used by the unit to collect, compile, aggregate, summarize, and analyze data on candidate performance, unit operations, and program quality?

How are the data collected?
From whom (e.g., applicants, candidates, graduates, faculty) are data collected?
How often are the data summarized and analyzed?
Whose responsibility is it to summarize and analyze the data? (dean, assistant dean, data coordinator, etc.)
In what formats are the data summarized and analyzed? (reports, tables, charts, graphs, etc.)
What information technologies are used to maintain the unit’s assessment system?

2b.2 How does the unit disaggregate candidate assessment data for candidates on the main campus, at off-campus sites, in distance learning programs, and in alternate route programs?
2b.3. How does the unit maintain records of formal candidate complaints and their resolutions?
  2c. Use of Data for Program Improvement

2c.1. In what ways does the unit regularly and systematically use data to evaluate the efficacy of and initiate changes to its courses, programs, and clinical experiences?

2c.2. What data-driven changes have occurred over the past three years?

2c.3. What access do faculty members have to candidate assessment data and/or data systems?

2c.4. How are assessment data shared with candidates, faculty, and other stakeholders to help them reflect on and improve their performance and programs?
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