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  Professional Education Syllabi

Department of Teacher Education

Department of Curriculum & Instruction

  Department of Teacher Education
Elements Exhibits
ECH 2305
ECH 3350 Developmentally Appropriate Environments
ECH 4450 Applied Child Development
ED 2202 Teacher Education and Practice
ED 3314 Linguistically Diverse Learners
ED 4309 Mathematics - Elementary and Middle School Teacher
ED 4311 Elementary School - Instructional Strategies in Language Arts & Social Studies
ED 4314 Science - Instructional Strategies for the Elementary

ED 4315

The Elementary School - Organization and Management
ED 6310 Curriculum and Methodology Trends
ED 6312 A Survey of Literature for Children
ED 6369 Laboratory Practicum in Special Education
ED/CI 6391 Research
EPSY 3303 Child and Adolescent Development
RDG 3332 Reading in the Content Areas
RDG 3335 Reading Development in the Elementary School
RDG 3336 Teaching Reading in the Language Arts Classroom
RDG 3339 Reading in the Middle School Classroom
RDG 4301 Assessment and Evaluation
SPED 2361 A Survey of Exceptionalities
SPED 3365 Principles of Assessment

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  Department of Curriculum & Instruction
Elements Exhibits
ED 2323 Introduction to Computer Technology
ED 4321 Secondary School Organization and Curriculum
ED 4322 Teaching Techniques in the Secondary School
RDG 4320 Reading in Secondary School Content Areas
CI 5360 Teaching Internship
CI 5660 Clinical Teaching
CI 6314 Behavior Management
CI 6315 Problems of Instructional Supervision
CI 6316 Learning Theories
CI 6317 Introduction to Public Schools
CI 6318 Effective Instruction and Assessment
CI 6319 Internship in School Administration
CI 6320 Curriculum Development
CI 6321 Special Topics Content Area Instruction
CI 6327 Social and Cultural Influences in Learning
CI 6331 Tests and Measurement
CI 6334 History of Higher Education
CI 6336 College Student Development
CI 6337 Leadership in Higher Education
CI 6340 Issues in Student Development
CI 6343 Techniques in Counseling I
CI 6344 Techniques in Counseling II
CI 6345 Introduction to School and Community Counseling
CI 6346 Theories of Counseling
CI 6347 Career & Occupational Counseling
CI 6349 Practicum in Counseling
CI 6351 Human Growth & Development
CI 6359 Practicum in Higher Education
CI 6360 Internship in Higher Education
CI 6363 Applied Research
CI 6371 Role of Principal
CI 6372 Personnel and Fiscal Management
CI 6373 Educational Law
CI 6374 Supervision of Special Programs
CI 6383 School-Community Relationships
CI 6386 School Plant Planning and Maintenance
CI 6388 Superintendent Internship in Education
CI 6391 Research

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