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Standard 6. The unit has the leadership, authority, budget, personnel, facilities, and resources, including information technology resources, for the preparation of candidates to meet professional, state, and institutional standards.

Exhibits 6.3

6.3.a Policies, procedures, and practices for governance and operations of the unit
6.3.b Organizational chart and/or description of the unit governance structure and its relationship to institutional governance structure  
6.3.c Policies, procedures, and practices for candidate services such as counseling and advising  
6.3.d Policies, procedures, and practices for candidate recruitment and admission, and accessibility to candidates and the education community  


6.3.e Academic calendars, catalogs, unit publications, grading policies, and unit advertising  
6.3.f Unit budget, with provisions for assessment, technology, professional development, and support for off-campus, distance learning, and alternative route programs when applicable  
  • College Budget (Available on site)
6.3.g Budgets of comparable units with clinical components on campus or similar units at other campuses  
  • Budget Model (Available on site)
6.3.h Policies, procedures, and practices for faculty workload and summary of faculty workload  
6.3.i Candidates’ access to physical and/or virtual classrooms, computer labs, curriculum resources, and library resources that support teaching and learning  
6.3.j Candidates’ access to distance learning including support services and resources, if applicable  

NCATE Continuous Improvement Model

Institutional Report 

IR: 2012

IR Addendum

I. Overview and Conceptual Framework


Conceptual Framework


II. Unit Standards

Standard 1: Knowledge, Skills &    Dispositions

Standard 2: Assessment System & Unit Evaluation

Standard 3: Field & Clinical Practice

Standard 4: Diversity

Standard 5: Faculty

Standard 6: Unit Governance & Resources


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