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Documents (Please follow folder links for details.)

Advisory Committee & Collaboration Evidence [TAC �228.20(b)

  • Documents indicating evidence of Advisory Committee Meetings, including the dates, locations, agendas, minutes, and sign-in sheets as well as future meeting dates scheduled during the current academic year

PowerPoint Presentation and/or Presentation Materials

  • Copy of the overview (PowerPoint and/or materials) that you will present during the Post Approval Visit Opening Session
  • Any other handouts to be provided during the Opening Session

Program Information/Enrollment/Certification [TAC �228.10(f)] & [TAC �229.3]

  • Program location(s) for all teaching sites and expansion campuses
  • Master list of currently enrolled candidates participating in student teaching/ clinical teaching/internship, including campus assignment with names of cooperating teachers/mentors and field supervisors. (If spring semester, also include a list of all student teachers with identical information.) This should be your completer list.
  • Program ASEP scores for the past 3 years

Student Files: Hard Copy and/or Electronic [TAC �228.40(d)]

  1. Signed application
  2. Signed Ethics Affirmation letter
  3. Program correspondence
  4. Up-to-date official transcripts, including GPA (may be viewed electronically)
  5. Test scores
  6. Course enrollment information (such as a current schedule)
  7. Up-to-date course and internship status (such as degree plan)
  8. Placement location of internship/clinical teaching/student teaching, including name(s) of mentor/cooperating teacher, principal, program field supervisor
  9. Observation documents (forms, logs, notes, etc.)
  10. Estimated completion date (for standard certification) or explanation for resignation/exit

Note: Provide copy of your policy for retention of student folders & other significant documents.


Admission Criteria [TAC �227.10]

  • Copy of admission application
  • Screening criteria, including interview process and other associated documents, as applicable
  • Examples of recruitment strategies and publications
  • Instrument(s) used to determine English language proficiency

Student Handbook

  • Student Handbook or Manual
  • Website Address to access other general electronic program information

Program Administration & Faculty

  • List of administrative personnel and their job titles
  • List of faculty, trainers/instructors, & field supervisors, indicating courses they teach and/or job titles
  • Sample job application or description of hiring practices & procedures
  • Vitas/resumes of faculty/instructors/field supervisors

Student Progress & Support Efforts [TAC �228.35(e) & (f)] & [TAC �228.40]

  • Student academic progress/benchmark monitoring forms
  • Checklists
  • Student support services

Mentor/Cooperating Teacher/Field Supervisor Training Materials [TAC �228.35(e)]

  • Training agendas with dates and sign-in sheets
  • Samples of scientifically-based training materials
  • Mentor/Cooperating Teacher Handbooks, including policies and procedures
  • Field Supervisor Handbook, including policies and procedures
  • Sample Mentor/Cooperating Teacher contracts/agreement forms
  • Sample Field Supervisor contracts/agreement forms

Curriculum Materials and Program Hours TAC �228.30 & TAC �228.35

  • Syllabi for each certification area offered
  • Course correlation to17 PPR topics identified by TAC Rule �228.30 (see attachment)
  • Program Hours chart (see attachment)


Not Applicable

Online Coursework & Evaluations

  • Online courses or modules
  • Online tests and evaluations
  • Online access instructions with log-in and password for TEA staff

Program Evaluation Documents [TAC �228.40]

  • Copy of course evaluation documents
  • Copy of program evaluation documents (surveys, questionnaires, rubrics, etc.)

Observation Forms [TAC �228.35(e) & (f)]

  • Copy of observation/feedback forms that field supervisors use
  • Copy of observation/feedback forms that mentors/cooperating teachers use

Program Training & Expertise

  • List of personnel and/or staff positions assigned to ASEP and test approval designations
  • Evidence of TEA training registrations


Not Applicable

Probationary Certificates – (for Alternative Certification Programs only)

  • List of interns with probationary recommendation status


Not Applicable

Action Plan [TAC �229.3] & [TAC �229.11]

  • Only for programs notified of mandatory Action Plan requirement due to ASEP rating results
  • Provide follow-up status report