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Student Files: Hard Copy and/or Electronic [TAC �228.40(d)]

  1. Signed application
  2. Signed Ethics Affirmation letter
  3. Program correspondence
  4. Up-to-date official transcripts, including GPA (may be viewed electronically)
  5. Test scores
  6. Course enrollment information (such as a current schedule)
  7. Up-to-date course and internship status (such as degree plan)
  8. Placement location of internship/clinical teaching/student teaching, including name(s) of mentor/cooperating teacher, principal, program field supervisor
  9. Observation documents (forms, logs, notes, etc.)
  10. Estimated completion date (for standard certification) or explanation for resignation/exit

Note: Provide copy of your policy for retention of student folders & other significant documents.




Student Files
Location / Document
FileMaker Database
SBEC Online

  1. and 2. Angelo State University uses an online Educator Preparation Program application. The College of Education and Information Technology staff regularly maintain and update the application process to comply with new laws and rulings. The process incorporates scripting and electronic records searching to check a candidate’s EPP admission requirements. The admission requirements are presented at the beginning of the application process. During the process, candidates agree to exhibit ideal teaching dispositions, abide by the Texas State Code of Ethics, submit to background checks, and sign a statement affirming that they agree to these commitments.

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  3. Program correspondence includes all mailings including emails from the point of initial university admissions through graduation and completion of the degree and/or program.

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  4. Official transcripts are maintained in the University Banner Student Records system. Candidates may access their unofficial transcripts through the RamPort Student Records portal. Official transcripts from other universities are evaluated by the ASU Transfer Services Office and entered into Banner. Previous coursework and degrees are verified through this student record system.

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  5. Admission test scores are maintained in the ASU Banner Student Records system. Certification test scores are maintained by SBEC and are downloaded to the College of Education FileMaker Educator Preparation Program database on a regular basis.

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SOATEST (Admission tests)

EPP (Certification tests)


  6. Candidate course enrollment information and schedules are available in both Banner and RamPort record systems.

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  7. Degree plans are available in Banner and RamPort record systems. Post-Baccalaureate Certification Plans are housed in the Office of the Director of Certification and progress is monitored through online student records’ systems.

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  8. Candidate placement information for field experiences, student teaching, and internships is located in College of Education databases. There are four FileMaker Pro databases that contain this information: EPP, Student Teaching, Field Experiences, and the MA C&I databases.

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EPP, Student Teaching, Field Experiences, MA C&I
  9. Observation documents are maintained by each faculty member requiring field experiences in their coursework. A passing grade indicates that a candidate has successfully completed observations and submitted the required documentation.

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  10. The estimated completion dates are calculated by the University Admission’s Office and entered into the Banner student record system.

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Records Retention Policy
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