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Helpful Chemistry and Biochemistry Links

  Organizations, Magazines and Journals

  • American Chemical Society – This is a national organization of chemists, biochemists, chemical engineers and other chemistry-related professionals.  The site includes links to many of the most important scientific journals in the field of chemistry.
  • Science (AAAS) – Published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Science is one of the most prestigious scientific journals.
  • Scientific American – A good monthly magazine that covers several interesting topics in science (only selected contents from the magazine are available on the website).
  • Natural History – A good monthly magazine that has numerous articles relating to biology, evolution, astronomy and other aspects of the natural world.  The monthly “Universe” column by Neil deGrasse Tyson is particularly good (only selected contents from the magazine are available on the website).
  • Skeptical Inquirer – A monthly magazine for people with really inquiring minds.

  Periodic Tables

  • WebElements – A great online periodic table, with lots of information about each element, printable periodic tables and periodic table applications for Windows, Mac and Palm platforms.
  • The Periodic Table of Comic Books – Exploring the connection between chemistry and comic books (Yes, there really is one).


  Drawing and Modeling Software


  • ChemBioFinder – An archive of structures, physical properties and hazard information for chemicals, searchable by name (IUPAC or trivial), molecular formula or molecular weight. It is from CambridgeSoft, makers of ChemDraw and Chem3D.
  • Organic Compounds Database – A searchable archive of information about organic compounds.
  • Chime Resources – Interesting molecular structures created for use with the Symyx viewing program.
  • Indiana University Molecular Structure Center – Lots of molecular structures from Indiana University.
  • The Molecule of the Month – Links to information on interesting molecules at various universities and commercial sites.
  • Molecules with Silly or Unusual Names - Information about molecules with weird names, such as moronic acid, curious chloride, traumatic acid, constipatic acid, betweenanenes, furfuryl furfurate, diurea and lots more.

  Organic Chemistry Resources

  Miscellaneous Chemistry Resources

  Science Humor

  Science-Related websites

  • Bad Science – Challenging false explanations of scientific phenomena that abound in popular opinion, newspapers, television and the classroom.
  • The Skeptic’s Dictionary – An exhaustive online survey of “questionable therapies, eccentric beliefs, amusing deceptions and dangerous delusions” by Robert T. Carroll.
  • The TalkOrigins Archive – A great archive of articles posted by contributors to the TalkOrigins newsgroup, presenting mainstream scientific responses to common creationist arguments.
  • – A virtual dissection of a frog.
  • Atomic Archive – A history of the science and politics behind the Manhattan Project.