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Study Abroad Checklist

This checklist is meant to provide students with a general outline of how to prepare for a summer study abroad experience. Timelines for completing each item will vary for different programs, so make sure to give yourself at least a semester to complete all of these items.

  1. Attend a study abroad program informational session and/or meet with a director of the program you are interested in. Check the Center for International Studies website for descriptions of all available programs.
  2. Research program options and contact the ASU Center for International Studies as needed for guidance.
  3. Choose a program and complete the online ASU Study Abroad Application via RamPort.
  4. Once your program application has been approved by the program director, confirm your acceptance to the program via RamPort. Print any additional paperwork and submit it on or before any deadlines indicated.
  5. Consult with your Director(s) about, and confirm International Studies Scholarships and complete scholarship via RamPort.
  6. Make sure you have a FAFSA application on file with the ASU Financial Aid Office.
  7. Attend any meetings required by your program as well as the ASU pre-departure orientation meetings to obtain important information and resources for traveling abroad.
  8. Make deposit payments to the Center for International Studies.
  9. Prepare for travel by finalizing any travel documents and arrangements (i.e. passport/visa, airfare, insurance), health precautions (i.e. immunizations, prescriptions) and personal matters (i.e., subleasing apartment, changing mailing address).
  10. Travel abroad! When preparing to return to Angelo State, complete a program evaluation and finalize any academic matters as instructed by your program director.

Common Study Abroad Myths

Myth: I have to be able to speak another language to study abroad.
Truth: Most programs do not require that you speak another language. Courses are usually taught in English.

Myth: It is too expensive for me to study abroad.
Truth: With study abroad scholarships, qualifying students can participate with few costs above what they would spend to take the same classes on campus.

Myth: The courses will not count toward my degree requirements.
Truth: Most courses will count toward your major or as advanced electives.

Myth: I don’t have the time to study abroad.
Truth: Most summer study abroad courses are the same length as a summer term: four weeks.

Myth: It is too dangerous to travel abroad.
Truth: Study abroad programs are offered only in the safest environments. For some programs, ASU faculty supervise and assess the risks to students on a daily basis.