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Student Development

Today, students learn more from hands-on development experiences than any book or informational packet could ever teach. Seeing or learning in a specific environment creates a better learning experience for students.

Read our K-12 world curriculum to get ideas about classroom activities or read below about possible field trips.

Field Trips

Listed here are a few ideas to integrate into your classroom to create more hands-on experiences for your students. Some of the ideas are more sophisticated and extensive, but several ideas are more feasible, depending on how in-depth you would like your class to go.

Washington, D.C.

Organize and develop a four- to seven-day trip to our nation’s capital. Washington, D.C., is one of the most internationally developed cities in the United States. The value of an excursion to D.C. will provide students not only an understanding of our political and governing bodies, but also a place to learn about the international commerce aspects of the United States.

The visit should include some of these concepts:

  • U.S. trade relations/international trade
  • Interaction with leaders in the fields of international commerce
  • National Leadership Forum on Defense, Intelligence and Diplomacy
  • Foreign policy objectives

Los Angeles – International Economic Summit

Organize and develop an excursion to Los Angeles, Calif., to attend the annual International Economic Summit (IES). At the IES, high school students from around the state explore basic concepts within the international trade theme.

Students work in small groups to adopt a country and then take on the role of economic advisors. Each team’s goal is to improve the country’s standard of living through international trade. Each team will conduct somewhat extensive research to evaluate the conditions of their country and develop strategic plans to improve standards of living.

The summit brings all the countries together to share and implement their strategic plans through a day of negotiation and trade. Other curriculum topics include scarcity, opportunity costs, standard of living, voluntary trade, supply and demand and comparative advantage.

Smaller Scale

Local Multi-National Companies
Take a quick look at your surrounding community and find or contact local companies that operate on an international level. Set up a visit with a company to get a quick overview of how international operations work within the organization.

Make sure students ask plenty of questions so they get the true idea of how a multi-national company operates. You may consider requiring them to take notes as they tour the facilities and learn. These notes could enable the students to give reports on what they have learned and even compare the company’s practices with what they have learned in the classroom.

K-12 World Curriculum

Bring history and customs from other countries of the world into your classroom.

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Resource Links

Below is a list of resources involving more extensive ways to integrate international and global education into your classrooms. Each link provides several key insights that may be of use to you and your students.