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Participation Requirements

Once students have fulfilled the eligibility requirements and are provisionally admitted to a study abroad program they will have to comply with the following study abroad requirements before receiving approval to participate in the program of their choice.

Social Service Component

Angelo State University embraces the opportunity to create a learning environment where intellectual discovery and social responsibility converge in pursuit of a sustainable world.

The Center for International Studies at Angelo State University aims to integrate sustainability efforts such as environmental concerns and the War on Hunger as an important component to ASU’s study abroad programs. 

Students participating in an ASU Study Abroad Program are required to give five hours of service to the local community prior to departure and/or fulfill a five-hour service component while on their study abroad program. Verification of service must be completed.


Angelo State University has a strong commitment to honing students’ global awareness and cultural competence. The Center for International Studies believes that a good preparation prior to departure is essential to maximizing the learning outcome for students selected to participate in a study abroad program. Study Abroad students are therefore required to submit a portfolio to their program director(s) at the end of the spring semester (usually by May 10). Composing this portfolio will allow students to develop and articulate their academic goals, demonstrate their writing skills, and gain familiarity with the history and culture of the country(ies) they will be visiting. During the final days of the study abroad program, students will be asked to reflect on the achievement of their three goals in a one-page essay.

Passport Copy

In order to travel abroad, students need to have a passport. Students, provisionally accepted into a study abroad program, who do not hold a passport, have to apply for one as soon as they receive their provisional acceptance letter/email. Every student participating in a summer study abroad program has to provide the Center for International Studies with a photocopy of the relevant passport pages by March 1.

Course Substitution Form

All students participating in a study abroad program have to complete a course substitution form that needs to be signed by their respective department heads and deans. The course substitution form will show how the study abroad courses will count toward the student’s degree. The CIS strongly recommends all students discuss and complete the course substitution form with their program director and/or academic adviser prior to agreeing to participate in their selected study abroad program.

Emergency Medical Treatment Form

All provisionally accepted study abroad students have to sign an Emergency Medical Treatment Form and bring the signed hard copy to the Center for International Studies.

Health Clearance Form

The Angelo State University Center for International Studies Program (CISP) Health Clearance is a non-waive able requirement for participation. All students must comply with the health clearance requirement before departure and within stipulated deadlines. Students who are not in compliance may face dismissal from the CISP. Students should complete the Confidential Health History Form which should be given to the physician/nurse prior to examination. Students may have the Health Clearance Form completed by consulting their personal physician or by contacting the ASU Clinic.

Insurance While Abroad

For the safety of its students studying abroad, and to ensure uniform coverage, Angelo State University has contracted with HTH Worldwide for insurance that provides health and accident coverage, emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of remains as well as political and security risk coverage. HTH Worldwide is a leader in providing comprehensive coverage to students around the globe. Their network of program providers, emergency evacuation processes, and other services make this a valuable tool in our effort to provide the safest study abroad environment possible to ASU students.

Highlights of the policy include $0 deductible when using a network provider and coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Students will pay the mandatory premium amount prior to departure in the Center for International Studies Office. Once enrolled, the students will be informed by email and instructed to go to the HTH Worldwide website to register.