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Fiji & New Zealand 2015


The 2015 International Studies Program to Fiji and New Zealand to be conducted June 6 - June 30 will provide approximately 12 undergraduate and 8 graduate candidates a unique opportunity to study the education system in Fiji and New Zealand. Dr. Donna Gee and Dr. Charlene Bustos from the Department of Teacher Education will be the faculty leaders for the program.

The educational purposes of this program are: a) to provide a unique opportunity for candidates to develop a basic understanding of teaching and learning in diverse countries; and b) to observe how diverse student needs are met in foreign classrooms. To do this, candidates will:

  • visit two countries, one of which has outstanding international recognition for education for superior education, New Zealand;
  • study the teaching strategies used by teachers to help candidates learn in Fiji and New Zealand, and to compare these with teaching strategies recommended in the United States and Texas;
  • study the teaching practices and student services provided in schools of both countries in teaching a diverse student population and compare these with the teaching practices and student services provided for diverse students in the schools of the United States and Texas.

In fulfilling the objectives of the program, candidates will travel throughout Greece and Italy to visit schools and hold discussions with educators in these countries as well as be exposed to some of their most important cultural resources and cultural centers.

New Zealand is a world leader in developing effective literacy instruction for students. Fiji and New Zealand have an indigenous population that speaks a different language. They are multi-racial, multi-lingual countries similar to the US. The native language is used in the early grades for classroom instruction. Similar to our bilingual education programs, these countries successfully educate second language learners. They are able to overcome their learning differences and achieve a high rate of literacy nationwide. As such, both of these countries provide an excellent environment for comparison with Texas and US education.

   Summary Facts

  • Summer Session I
  • Travel Dates: June 6 – June 30, 2015
  • Six hours of undergraduate or graduate credit
  • Application deadline: Nov. 21, 2014


ED 4381: Special Topics in Interdisciplinary Studies Education and Teaching in Fiji, New Zealand, and the US. This course section includes a travel abroad experience involving a trip to Fiji and New Zealand with mandatory pre-class meetings during Spring 2015. An emphasis is on a comparative study of teaching and learning in multiple cultures. This program will examine education in Fiji and New Zealand as compared to Texas and the United States. Candidates will participate in a variety of planned experiences in schools to gain a deeper understanding of the teaching and learning process in Fiji and New Zealand. Instructor Dr. Charlene Bustos.

ED 3381/3314: Linguistically Diverse Learners. Designed to enhance awareness, respect, understanding, and appreciation of the strengths of linguistically and culturally diverse learners through an examination of the research, the study of theory, curriculum, assessment methodology, and classroom environments that foster a climate of respect, learning, equity, and excellence. Instructor Dr. Charlene Bustos.

EDG/CI 6300: Curriculum Development. Learn to design curriculum appropriate for all students using feedback from continuous and appropriate assessments. Design lessons that are based on valid learning theories, have clear goals and objectives, consider student diversity, and account for external influences. Instructor Dr. Donna Gee.

EDG/CI 6301: Social and Cultural Influences on Learning. Designed to present a broad base of knowledge about culture and learning.  Approaches, materials, and research will be investigated.  Specific skills for identifying learning problems and solving them through classroom instruction will be featured. Instructor Dr. Donna Gee.

   Travel Arrangements

Candidates will be extensively briefed during spring semester class sessions organized by the program directors regarding travel arrangements and schedules.  Information provided will include information to prepare participants for international travel, such as getting passports, traveling internationally, etc. Candidates will be required to attend mandatory orientation meetings that will be held by the CIS in early spring. All program participants must have adequate health and accident insurance coverage in case of medical care or emergencies.  Students will be required to obtain health insurance that will provide medical, death and discount benefits

   Student Eligibility

Undergraduate Students:

  • Must have completed a cumulative 30 hours of course work by the beginning of the program and be enrolled at ASU and remain an ASU student through the study abroad program
  • Must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.50

Graduate Students

  • Current students must have a GPA of 3.0
  • Newly accepted students must have undergraduate GPA of 2.75
  • Transfer students must have a GPA of 3.0

   Program Cost

The cost of the program is approximately $4,700.00 per candidate which covers air and land transportation, lodging costs, several excursions, and some meals.  Miscellaneous personal expenses are not included.  The budget listed below is figured on a per person basis and covers the cost of 20 candidates (graduate and undergraduate) and 2 faculty.  Participating candidates fund faculty travel and lodging.The program cost does not include ASU tuition and fees for six credit hours. This amount has not been set by the Board of Regents, Texas Tech University System for summer, 2015. Summer 2014 undergraduate resident tuition and fees was $1,681.08.

   Faculty Leadership

The program will be under the direction of Professor of Teacher Education Dr. Donna Gee.  Dr. Gee co-directed the 2010 New Zealand and Australia, the 2012 Fiji and New Zealand, and the 2014 Greece and Italy International Education Programs.  Assistant Professor of Teacher Education Dr. Charlene Bustos co-directed the 2012 Fiji and New Zealand, and the 2014 Greece and Italy International Education Programs.

Learn More About this program

imageDr. Donna Gee

Professor of Education
Office: CARR 115
Phone: (325) 486-6952

imageDr. Charlene Bustos

Assistant Professor of Education
Office: CARR 119
Phone: (325)486-6950

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