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The 2014 International Studies Program to Avila, Spain, to be conducted June 2-July 2, 2014, will provide approximately 20 students a unique opportunity to develop their proficiency in Spanish, to acquire and develop academic writing, reading, speaking and listening skills, and to develop cultural interaction skills with Spanish native speakers.  In addition to studying the Spanish language, lessons will include the study of the culture and society of Spain, with specific focus on Castilla, its social and political system, and its history.

The Program will be conducted in cooperation with the Instituto Español Murallas de Avila. 

The Instituto Español Murallas de Ávila (IEMA) was founded in 1989, and is located in Ávila, near Madrid.  It specializes in intensive language and culture courses, as well as in education programs for Spanish teachers, with a wide range of courses available for specific purposes, such as medical and legal Spanish.

“Ávila is a small and easily accessible town (63,000 inhabitants) in historic Castilla. Ávila is only about an hour away from the airports Madrid or Valladolid. Ávila is an exciting historical place, rich in masterpieces of art and architecture of all centuries. Therefore, it has been declared a World Heritage City by UNESCO.  Ávila may be considered a “beginner level city”. Ávila is perfect for those who visit Spain for the first time. It is said to be the safest city in Spain.”


        Summary Facts

  • Summer Session I
  • Travel Dates: June 2 - July 2, 2014
  • Six hours of credit
  • Application Deadline: Jan. 17, 2014


SPAN 2311: Spanish lll. An expansion of the language skills acquired in Spanish 1301 and 1302. This course consists of the strengthening of basic structures and introduction of more complex structures. The course will increase accuracy in listening, speaking, reading and writing Spanish and promote knowledge of cultural background. Instructor: Ms. María de los Santos Onofre-Madrid.

SPAN 2312: Spanish IV. Fourth-semester capstone course organized around grammatical topics and cultural issues. Review and expansion of structural aspects, reading and discussion of selected Spanish texts, and continued practice in composition and conversation. Instructor: Ms. María de los Santos Onofre-Madrid.

        Travel Arrangements

Students will be extensively briefed prior to departure regarding travel arrangements and schedules with addresses and telephone numbers given each participant.  All travel arrangements will be made by the program director and approved by the University.  All program participants must have adequate health and accident insurance coverage in case of medical care or emergencies.  Students will be required to obtain health insurance that will provide medical, death and discount benefits.  Participants must also have in their possession before departure a current passport.


The program schedule for the 2014 International Studies Program – Avila, Spain, will be available as soon as details are formalized.  The schedule is subject to revision as additional details of the travel schedules, excursions, and special arrangements with IEMA representatives are developed in consultation with the CIS Director and Coordinator for Study Abroad Programs.

        Student Eligibility

Undergraduate Students:

Note: different than other programs

  • Must have completed a cumulative 30 hours of course work at time of application and be enrolled at ASU and remain an ASU student through the study abroad program
  • Must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.50

        Program Cost

The basic cost of the program will be about $5300.00, which will cover round-trip airfare, bus transportation from Madrid Airport to Avila and from Avila back to Madrid airport, lessons and workshops at IEMA and use of their facilities for sessions with the ASU director, laundry service, lodging and meals.  Students selected for the program will be eligible for financial support that will be used to defray program costs. Local transportation, additional excursions, miscellaneous personal expenses and extra meals expenses will be the responsibility of the students. The program cost does not include ASU tuition and fees for six credit hours. This amount has not been set by the Board of Regents, Texas Tech University System for summer, 2014. Summer 2013 undergraduate resident tuition and fees was $1,604.88.

        Faculty Leadership

The program is directed by María de los Santos Onofre-Madrid, Assistant Professor of Spanish. She has been actively involved in international education programs.  She directed the exchange program with Universidad Autónoma de La Laguna in Torreón, Mexico, in 1996.  In 2001, she was named coordinator of Exchange Programs with Mexico, and she directed the exchange program to ITESM summer 2002, summer 2003,   summer 2004, summer 2005, summer 2007 and summer 2008.  She directed the first study abroad program to Spanish in summer 2011, and she returned for a second time in 2012.

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María de los Santos Onofre-Madrid

María de los Santos Onofre-Madrid
Assistant Professor of Spanish
Office: A 110D
Phone: (325) 486-6164

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