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Undergraduate Faculty Mentored Grants  @ ASU

First Year Research Experience Grant Application

imageTo get started on your First Year Research Experience Grant Application, follow the instructions on the application page.


Undergraduate Faculty-Mentored Grants Mission Statement

The mission of the Undergraduate Research Initiative at Angelo State University is to support and promote high-quality faculty-mentored undergraduate research, creative endeavor, and scholarship.

What is Undergraduate Research & Creative Endeavor?

Undergraduate Research & Creative Endeavor includes activities undertaken by an undergraduate student with significant faculty mentoring that gives students the opportunity to pursue advanced work in their major field of interest. Experiments done in a laboratory, research conducted in the archives of a library, interviews taken to explore a social or political concern, fieldwork leading to a better understanding of a social or environmental situation, artistic work created, and comparisons of best educational practices are all some ways to explore research opportunities. Opportunities vary across disciplines, but at a minimum, undergraduate research engages the student in critical inquiry and exposes the student to the foundations of research or creative activity in their chosen discipline. Quality undergraduate research and creative activity result in a product that has potential for peer-reviewed dissemination in the form of presentations, publications, exhibitions, or performances.

The 2014 Undergraduate Research/Creative Endeavor Symposium will take place from 1:00 to 2:30 pm on Thursday, April 24th in the CJ Davidson Center. The application deadline for presenting is
Friday, April 4th. Email your application to

Applications for the 2014-2015 Undergraduate Faculty Mentored Grant are due electronically to the CITR by Monday, April 21st. 

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2013 Crius copies available for free while supplies last. Contact the CITR at 325-942-2782 or at for a copy of last year’s Crius.

Crius Publication Requirements

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Undergraduate Research/Creative Endeavor Symposium

April 24, 2014

Instructions and Application
Instructions and Application

Symposium Information