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Courses in Mass Media (MM)

1311 Writing for Mass Media (3-0). The fundamentals of purpose, context, voice, techniques, and structure for effective written and broadcast communication.

1361/COMM 1335 Introduction to Radio/Television/Film (3-0). A survey of the radio/TV cable industry in America including programming, regulations, technology and history. (Credit may not be earned for this course and Communication 1361.)

2305/COMM 1307 Media Literacy (3-0). An analysis of media and its impact on society. Emphasis is on understanding the cultural, political, economic and social impact of media in the United States and the world.

2311 News reporting and Writing (3-0). Methods of gathering and writing news including audience analysis, news evaluation, fact gathering, interviewing, and information dissemination. Prerequisite: Mass Media 1311.

2321/COMM 1318 Photography (2-2). An introductory course in operating a 35mm camera and developing and printing black and white film.

2345 Multimedia Development and Design (3-0). The use of computers to incorporate elements of design and layout into a variety of documents including brochures, newsletters, programs, magazines, and books. (Credit may not be earned for this course and Communication 2345.)

2362 Beginning Television Production (2-2). Operation and use of television production equipment; fundamentals of television production and direction using single camera and multi-camera formats. (Credit may not be earned for this course and Communication 2362.)

3311 Media Law (3-0). A study of statutory, administrative, and case law relevant to the First Amendment and U.S. print and broadcast media. Attention given to applicable Texas state law.

3313 Magazine and Feature Writing (3-0). Techniques of feature writing, with a practical approach to researching, writing, targeting niche audiences, and marketing feature stories to the mass media. Prerequisite: Mass Media 1311

3314 Copy Editing (3-0). Principles and practices in copy editing, photograph selection and editing, headline writing, use of the language, and news judgment. Prerequisite: Mass Media 1311

3325 Digital Imaging (3-0). Introduction to the digital imaging process in photography using the industry standard software. Course topics will include image capture, file formats, image correction, and manipulation, storage and output for a variety of visual and photographic media. (Credit may not be earned for this course and Communication 3325)  Prerequisite: Mass Media 2321

3335 Public Relations (3-0). Fundamentals of public relations with emphasis on the preparation of PR campaigns, including news releases for various media, newsletters, and speeches. (Credit may not be earned for this course and Communication 3335.)

3342 Advertising Principles (3-0). Fundamentals of advertising with an emphasis on the preparation of advertising for print and broadcast media. (Credit may not be earned for this course and Communication 3342.)

3361 Electronic Media Programming (3-0).  Theories and strategies of program selection, scheduling and evaluation for electronic media.  Theory and practice of producing and scheduling prime time television programs. (Credit may not be earned for this course and Communication 3361.) Prerequisite: Advanced Standing

3363 Electronic News Gathering and Production (2-2). A practical approach to the news story specifically for radio and television. Lab experience is directed toward producing news stories for broadcast media. (Credit may not be earned for this course and Communication 3363.) Prerequisite: Advanced standing.

4301 Senior Seminar (1-0). This capstone course for all areas of mass media, emphasizing portfolio development and other preparation for entry into the mass media profession. Course topics will also include: professional communication excellence, job interviewing, team communication, cultural sensitivity, and work-life balance (Credit may not be earned for this course and Communication 4301 or Theatre 4301.) 

4314 Magazine Development and Design (3-0). The publishing, production, and management of magazines. Focus on creation, development, budgeting, content, layout, sales, and technical procedures. Students will participate in an individual or group project developing and producing a publication.Prerequisite: Mass Media 2345

4321 Digital Photography (3-0). Application of traditional photographic principles using a digital SLR. Emphasis on the use of color, light, and composition in photography. Topics with RAW formats and printing digital images.  Prerequisites: Mass Media 2321 and Mass Media 3325, or permission of the instructor.

4335 Advertising/Public Relations Campaigns and Cases (3-0). Case-method and campaign planning as they pertain to advertising and public relations administration. Emphasis on development of creative strategy and media selection. (Credit may not be earned for this course and Communication 4335.) Prerequisite: Mass Media 3335 or 3342.

4355 Mass Media Effects and Ethics (3-0). A study of social science research methodology as applied to mass media research. The course will examine current theories of the effects of mass media on audiences. the study of reasoning and ethical decision making a they relate to the mass media (Credit may not be earned for this course and Communication 4355.)

4364 Media Management (3-0). Management functions, advertising, sales, and internal organizational structure of media. (Credit may not be earned for this course and Communication 4364.) Prerequisite: Advanced standing.

4365 Advanced Video Production (2-2). Theories and techniques of producing, directing, and editing single and multi-camera productions; to include script writing, shooting, and post producing for television, field and studio work. (Credit may not be earned for this course and Communication 4365.)                                                                       Prerequisite: Communication 2362 or Mass Media 2362.

4379 Mass Communication Internship. Students gain on-the-job experience by working in the industry. Limited to advanced students majoring in Mass Media with options in Print, Radio-TV, Advertising, Public Relations, and Photography. Participants are selected on the basis of written application submitted to the department head one semester in advance. (May be repeated once for credit for a maximum of 6 semester hours credit.) Prerequisite: Advanced standing.

4381 Special Topics (3-0). Selected topics in journalism and mass communication. (May be repeated once for credit when topic varies.) Prerequisite: Senior standing and department head approval.

4391 Research. A specialized course that may be directed reading or research for superior students majoring in mass media. Prerequisite: Senior standing and department head approval.