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Angelo State has been rated a top computer science school by the Princeton Review largely for the hands-on experience students receive to design graphics like this one.“Mech Man” was developed by ASU CS students.

Computer Science

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the demand for computing professionals is expected to significantly increase in the near future. The government projects that 70 percent of newly created U.S. jobs through 2016 in the sciences and engineering will be in computer science. The ASU Computer Science Department is constantly evolving to reflect national trends in training future programmers, including computer game developers.

Earn a Certificate in Game Development

By completing a four-course sequence, any student can earn a Certificate in Game Development. The courses include CS 3371–Computer Game Development 1; CS 4371–Computer Game Development II; CS 3372–Handheld Game Development; and CS 4318–Artificial Intelligence. Students without prior programming experience will prepare for certificate courses by completing CS 1361, CS 1362 and CS 2305.

For more information, contact the Computer Science Department at 325-942-2101 or by e-mail at

Game Development

Begin a career in computer game development at ASU. The Computer Science Department was named in 2010 to Princeton Review’s list of the “Top 50 Undergraduate Game Design Programs.” The ASU program maintains the Entertainment Computing Laboratory for computer science students specializing in game development, and offers a four-course sequence designed to prepare students for a career in the entertainment software industry. Students can also earn a Certificate in Game Development.

Just some of the games students have developed here at ASU:


What is Computer Science?

The curriculum for an ASU computer science degree covers artificial intelligence, graphics, software engineering, database systems and game development, among other areas. The curriculum is also flexible, giving students the option of specializing in the areas of computing they are most interested in.

Faculty Expertise

Computer science professors keep up-to-date with the latest technology advancements. The average class has 20 students, and courses are taught with a hands-on approach. Students also have access to several computer labs, including the Entertainment Computing Laboratory.

Career Opportunities

About 90 percent of our recent graduates work in information technology and are employed virtually all over the world. Major firms, such as Raytheon, Sun, Exxon, Intel, IBM, Northrop Grumman, Microsoft and USAA, employ our students. Other students choose graduate school. ASU computer science students have attended the University of Texas, Texas A&M, Stanford, USC, UCLA, Yale and Cornell, among others.

Join Us

For more information, call 325-942-2101 or e-mail us at

Summer Code Camp

A two week coding camp for high school students is held during the summer. Students learn to design, implement, and test computer code.  They are taught the basics of computer science as they work in groups to implement a variety of applications.  

Code Camp 2014 Pictures

“What Most Schools Don’t Teach”

“Pathways in Computer Science”

The Princeton Review GamePro Seal

ASU StudentsGet a Scholarship

Scholarships are available to students studying computer science. Junior standing and previous completion of CS 2305 are required.

ASU StudentsStudy Abroad

You can earn class credit in Germany, Scotland, Mexico and other foreign countries. Scholarships are available to partially offset expenses.

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