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Angelo State University
Department of Computer Science

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Master Schedule of CS Courses

Course  Fall Spring Summer
1301 yes yes yes
1341 yes    
1351   yes yes
1361 yes yes yes
1362 yes yes yes
1371 yes yes yes
2305 yes yes  
2324 yes    
2325   yes  
3304   yes  
3311 yes    
3352 yes    
3371 yes    
3372 yes    
4301 yes    
4302   yes  
4307   yes  
4312     yes
4314   yes  
4316   yes  
4318   yes  
4371   yes  
Upper level elective yes yes yes

The above schedule should be used only as a guide for planning ahead to future semesters; it does not guarantee that courses will necessarily be offered every indicated semester.