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Dual Credit/Concurrent Enrollment
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Admission Criteria

High school students who have completed their sophomore or junior year may be eligible for admission to ASU under the Springboard ASU Dual Credit/Concurrent Enrollment Program. Students approved for admission under this program must be enrolled concurrently at ASU and in high school. Enrollment will be limited to no more than two academic courses, excluding a physical activity course, during a fall or spring semester or summer term.

Application Materials

A complete application for the program consists of:

Admission Criteria

To be eligible for admission to this program, high school students must meet the following requirements:

  • Current enrollment in high school courses necessary to complete the curriculum requirements for the Texas Scholars Program, Recommended High School Program, Distinguished Achievement or other college preparatory curriculum
  • Present a composite score on the ACT or a combined verbal and math score on the SAT for the high school class ranks shown below:
  • High School Class Rank ACT
    Test Scores
    Test Scores
    Top 10 percent No Minimum No Minimum
    Next 40 percent 17 820
    3rd quarter file review file review
    4th quarter file review file review
  • Minimum Section Scores:
    • English: ACT, 17; SAT, 430
    • Mathematics: ACT, 18; SAT, 400
  • Applicants attending a non-ranking high school and home school applicants present a composite score on the ACT of 23 or greater or a combined verbal and math score on the SAT of 1070 or greater.
  • Students who score less than the minimum section scores on the ACT or SAT can still be admitted to the program, if they have received credit for English 1301 and/or Math 1302. These students will be allowed to enroll in ASU courses for which they have already met the prerequisites.


The priority deadlines for application are:

  • Fall Semester: June 1
  • Spring Semester: Dec. 1
  • Summer Session: May 10

Submitting Your Application

Please submit application materials to:

Lorri Morris

Coordinator of Testing and Early Enrollment Initiatives
Testing Center
Vincent Nursing-Physical Science Building, Room 291
2333 Vanderventer Avenue
San Angelo, Texas 76904
Mailing Address:
Lorri Morris
ASU Station #11022
San Angelo, Texas 76909



Use this application checklist to ensure that you have completed all the admission requirements.