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Regents Scholars Cost and Scholarships

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    The information on this website is for the students wanting to take courses on the ASU Campus. Student interested in taking dual credit courses on their High School Campus should refer to our Presidential Scholars Dual Credit Program page

All Regents Scholars Dual Credit students are eligible for Carr Dual Credit Scholarships to offset the cost of tuition and fees. Before scholarships, students in the program already receive reduced tuition rates. Please view the appropriate cost chart below based on whether your school district is providing financial support.

Cost Per Course
Scholarship Type Student Cost
Distinguished $125
Regular $250


Cost Per Course With School District Contribution
Scholarship Type School District Contribution Student Cost
Distinguished $125 $0
Regular $125 $125

Please check with your school official for more information on district participation in the ASU Dual Credit Program.

Distinguished Scholarships

Students who score a composite 23 or above on the ACT (with math and English sub-scores of at least 19) – or – a combined mathematics and critical reading score of 1070 or above on the SAT I (with math and critical reading sub-scores of at least 500) will receive Carr Distinguished Dual Credit Scholarships.

Regular Scholarships

Students who meet the admission requirements for the Regents Scholars Dual Credit Program, but are not eligible for a distinguished scholarship, will receive regular Carr Dual Credit Scholarships.