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Fall 2015 Engineering 1201 Class

New and Current Students

ASU Ramgineers are practice ready engineers with the broader skills necessary to be future industry leaders.

  • Advising

    All Pre-Engineering students are advised by the Engineering Academic Advisor. All Civil Engineering students are advised by their assigned faculty members.

    If you are a new student to ASU and have designated Pre-Engineering or Civil Engineering as your major OR if you are a current ASU student interested in changing your major to Pre-Engineering or Civil Engineering, then you must contact the Engineering Academic Advisor.

    There are three ways to meet with the Engineering Academic Advisor:

    • By Appointment: Contact the Engineering Academic Advisor via email at or phone at 325-486-5503 to schedule an appointment.
    • Drop-In Advising: Come by the David L. Hirschfeld Department of Engineering located in West Annex during Drop-In Advising. Students are helped according to the order in which they arrive. Check the Events tab for Drop-In Advising times.
    • Skype Advising: The Engineering Academic Advisor is available for SKYPE advising at designated times or by appointment. Students will be helped via Skype advising in the order in which they “call in”. Check the Events tab for Skype Advising times.

    There are two ways to schedule an advising appointment with your assigned faculty member:

    • By Appointment: Contact the Engineering Office Coordinator via email at to schedule an appointment.
    • Office Hours: Come by the David L. Hirschfeld Department of Engineering located in the West Annex Building during your assigned civil engineering faculty member’s posted office hours. Students are helped according to the order in which they arrive.
    • Advising Forms

      What to bring to EVERY advising session:

      • CE Academic Planner:  This is a record of your entire academic transcript. The Excel document contains two pages (or tabs at the bottom). The Transfer page is where you need to input all the courses you have completed outside of Angelo State. The ASU tab is set up so that you can enter in all your coursework by semester. You need to enter in all the semesters you have taken to-date. Once your past semesters have been entered, you need to complete the current and future semesters all the way through graduation. At the end of every semester you will update the excel document with your grades, semester GPA and cumulative GPA.
      • Copy of your unofficial transcript. This document should be printed from RamPort.  Be sure to print your entire transcript.
      • Academic Success Skills Survey: Assess your academic success skills using this 16-question assessment. Score the assessment as directed, and answer the Self-Assessment worksheet questions.
      • The Time Picture: This activity provides you with a system for budgeting your time.  Complete the activity as directed in the document.
    • Project Success

      Project Success is a program of intrusive academic advising designed to provide added support to those students who may not meet the minimum requirements to advance from Pre-Civil Engineering to a Civil Engineering major.  Participants in Project Success are required to complete a personal academic assessment and meet with the Civil Engineering academic advisor at least three times a semester.

      The three advising meetings are scheduled around major course dates:

      • Meeting One: This meeting must be scheduled before the second week of the semester. At this meeting, you will review your Personal Academic Assessment with the academic advisor and complete an Action Plan for the semester.
      • Meeting Two: This meeting is schedule after the first round of tests. This meeting provides an opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have after your first round of tests. This meeting is the most important of all three meetings. During this meeting you will review your Action Plan and make any necessary adjustments to ensure success at the end of the semester.
      • Meeting Three: This meeting is scheduled before your final exams begin.  At this meeting, you will discuss your Action Plan and determine what steps you will need to take to successfully complete your Project Success semester.

      Students required to participate in Project Success due to Academic Probation or Academic Suspension may also be required to enroll in University Studies (USTD) course 1101. The USTD 1101 class is completely free.

    • GPA Calculator
  • Future Courses

    Future course offerings will help you complete your Civil Engineering Academic Planner so that you know what classes you need to take and when they will be offered. View the tentatively scheduled course offerings and officially scheduled courses.

  • LLC

    The Civil Engineering Living Learning Community (LLC) offers students in Civil Engineering the opportunity to live in Plaza Verde along with other civil engineering students. The Student Learning Community Leader plans regular interactions and activities for the Living Learning Community.  Check out the Events page for the Civil Engineering Living Learning Community calendar.

  • Student Orgs

    As a newly established engineering department, our students are hard at work bringing professional engineering student organizations to campus. Read about the current student organizations in the expandable sections below.

    • Civil Engineering Council

      The Engineering Council is a student group that is in the process of becoming an ASCE student chapter (American Society of Civil Engineers). The group plans to hold monthly meetings with local Professional Engineers as guest speakers in 2017-2018, and has already participated in the Texas-Mexico Student Symposium where they placed 3rd in the Concrete Bowling Ball Competition. The group’s mission is to provide students in the David L. Hirschfeld Department of Engineering at ASU opportunities to develop leadership skills and become well-rounded individuals with the ability to adapt to our changing society and its environment.

      The 2017-2018 schedule will come out very soon, so check back for updates! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the chapter officers at

      You can follow the student group on Facebook.

    • American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

      A student chapter is coming soon! In the meantime, you can join the national ASCE organization as a student member for free by visiting the ASCE website and completing the registration process with your email address.

     You can also consider joining these national organizations as a paid (or free) student member:

    If you have an interest to create a student chapter associated with any of these national organizations, then please contact an engineering faculty member for more information.

  • Resources